"I'm Not Gonna Hit Anyone Anymore!"

There is a little boy in the preschool class I teach during the day who has a bit of a temper. Anything little can set him off. Someone looking at him the wrong way, someone disagreeing with him, someone getting in his way. And he often expresses his anger by hitting. We work on this everyday, and it usually ends when I tell him that it is okay to be mad, we just can't hurt our friends. Then he ignores me. 

However, the other day when he woke up from his nap, the first thing he said was "Taco, taco, I sleep like a taco," because I had wrapped him up in his blanket and told him to be a sleeping taco. But the second thing he said was "I'm not going to hit anyone anymore!" And I'm certain that he meant it. Although he didn't completely follow through, I admired his determination to start fresh. 

So I figured that if he can get a new start without feeling guilty about his past, so can I. I realize that it has been over a year (!!) since I last blogged regularly, and I'm not going to apologize or make excuses. I've been living life, working a full time job, and getting involved with church. It's been great and I finally feel like I'm at a place where I can start the blogging thing again. But this time, it is gonna look a little different. 

I've been really into daily vloggers on Youtube recently. And I've noticed that all of the blogs that I follow now are mostly people who simply write about their lives. So I'm going to do something that I haven't seen before. I'm going to attempt to do a blog post everyday that includes a photo of what I wore, what I ate, and a short story and photo of something that happened that day. Each post will recap the day before. This is mostly for personal betterment. The photo of how I looked will help me to put together nice outfits and spend a little extra time on my make up and hair. The review of what I ate will hopefully encourage me to eat things that I'm proud to admit, rather than too much fast food and desserts. And the final aspect will help me to appreciate and celebrate the everyday, as well as communicating life events to my parents who are living in Cambodia. 

But these posts will be supplemented with slightly more traditional posts that will relate back to the daily posts. Things like recipes that we tried, projects I'm working on, music I've been listening to, books I recently read, and extended photos and stories of larger events. 

I have a new project I'm hoping to begin this summer, and I knew that if I didn't make blogging something that was simply an extension of my normal life, it wouldn't get done. It has to be something that doesn't take a whole lot of thought or else I won't do it. So there is my explanation. I'm hoping that the first day I document will be tomorrow, so the first post will be on Monday, if all goes according to plan. See you then? 

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