Photo(s) A Day: New & Heart

Yesterday we had "second Christmas" with Justin's family since we are visiting Idaho for the week. So the prompt of "New" was perfect! It is a tradition with his family to receive a tin of Danish Butter Cookies every year, and I thought the sugar sprinkled on top of the cookies would make for a decently attractive photo. 

Today's prompt was "Heart." The Christmas tree is still up at my in-law's house and I think this little guy fits the qualifications for the photo pretty well. Although my favorite part of the picture is the lovely dog hair that is clinging to him. :)

If you want to play along, be sure to check out the link at Fat Mum Slim!



  1. your photos are amazing, ha the dog hair! gotta love it!! your blog is seriously so cute!!


    1. Thanks so much! There will be more pictures and blog posts soon! :)


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