I know I've been a little M.I.A. from my blog recently. And I'm afraid these next few weeks won't be a whole lot better. Moving is literally a week away, so posting will be pretty sporadic. I'm working on painting some furniture, sewing some pillows, creating some wall art, and packing our things that have been scattered all throughout the house. 

I have a few posts lined up that I just need to work on and I'm hoping to be posting a few videos soon, but beyond that, I really have no idea what the next few weeks will look like at Uncommonplace. The shop will be put in vacation mode soon, so if there are any purchases you want to make, do it soon! 

I hope you all will stick around and keep reading while I go through this transition in my personal life. I promise that as soon as we are settled in Oregon, some great new posts will be up! 




I've seen this award go around a time or two before. In fact, I think I've been nominated once before  but my life was crazy at the time so I never got around to following the rules for it. Thought I would give it a go this time around though because the questions look so fun!

I was nominated by The Cozy Pink Cottage and am honored. 

The Rules:
1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you, plus you must create 11 questions of your own for the people you tag.
3. Choose up to 11 bloggers to nominate and link them to your post.
4. Go to their pages and inform them of their nomination.
5. Absolutely NO tagbacks!
5. Remember to only tag blogs with less than 200 followers!

So, here I go! Here are 11 things (I will try my hardest not to repeat my 10 Things post). 

1. When Justin and I move to Oregon, we are going to attempt to vlog our daily lives, ala Shaytards and CTFxC
2. I had a Hershey's chocolate bar for breakfast this morning.
3. This is the first time in my adult life where I have been unemployed and have not had a steady job set up for the future. 
4. I don't really know what I want to be when I grow up. 
5. I desperately need to paint my toenails. 
6. I'm pretty sure I have more clothes right now than at any other point in my life. I love it.
7. I really hate the phrase YOLO. Not only is it not true, but people use it as an excuse to do stupid things.
8. It is extremely possible that I am legitimately addicted to Pinterest. 
9. I am currently working on redoing a dollhouse (look forward to this in a future post!). 
10. Random dance parties put me in a great mood.
11. I wish I took better photos. 

Now, for the questions given to me by Mercedes at The Cozy Pink Cottage:

1. What was the last book you read? It was Thorn In My Heart and I'm currently reading the sequel. Pretty good!

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, money not being an issue, where would you go? Ok, you are probably going to make fun of me, but I would honestly go on a Disney cruise that ended in Walt Disney World. I love Disney. 

3. What is the most exotic thing you have eaten? Alpaca. Tastes like beef, for the most part. 

4. What is your favorite drink at Starbucks? Well, I can't have coffee anymore since it makes me sick, so in the summer I usually get a coconut creme frappuccino and in the fall/winter I get a carmel apple cider. 

5. Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring? In the past it has been summer because school is out. But I really love the fall. Pretty much everything about it.

6. What do you love most about blogging? Sharing life with people. Both my own and their's. 

7. Who is your favorite artist? Painter, photographer, etc. Emily from The Black Apple. Her paintings are both a little dark and whimsical. Love it.

8. Three words that best describe you? Quirky, creative, misunderstood.

9. If you could start all over in life, would you change anything? For the most part, no. I'm glad I went to school where I did because I got a great foundation and I met some amazing people who changed my life. But I have realized that my passion lies in more creative and self-sustaining ventures than teaching and I kind of wish I had some training in an area like that.

10. Coke or Pepsi? I don't drink a whole lot of soda anymore, iced tea is more my game. But my favorite stuffed animal from childhood was a Coca-cola polar bear, so I have to go with Coke. :)

11. What is the one beauty product you can't live without? As much as I love make up, my hair would be an absolute disaster without my leave in conditioner. With my hair being long and thick, it needs some extra help and my Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine leave-in conditioner is something that I keep in stock all year round. 

Ok, now for the 11 questions that I came up with:

1. How often do you shave your legs? (Be honest!)
2. What is your number one guilty pleasure tv show?
3. Current favorite baby names?
4. If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
5. Can you french braid hair? (Because I cannot, and I need someone to help me!)
6. When you want to appear intelligent, what is your go-to random fact?
7. What is the one thing you can't resist looking at in a store?
8. Current color crush?
9. What is the most annoying name/title anyone has ever called you?
10. If you could hug anyone in the world, who would it be?
11. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

And here are the bloggers that I have nominated!


The Fair in Photos

Over the weekend, Justin and I went to the Western Idaho Fair with some friends. I brought along both my DSLR and my pocket camcorder and actually used them both! Go me! I haven't even imported the video to my computer yet, but here are just a few photos from the fair. Boise was particularly cloudy/smokey on Sunday, so I apologize for the lack of a blue sky.



Friday Favorites

Ok, formatting is changing once more on these posts. I apologize, but I just want it to be a fun little blurb rather than take up half the blog. Anyway, here are my Friday Favorites!

Vintage back to school finds. Wish I had something I could do with these things!

Happy weekend!



Wedding Wednesday: Chicago Warehouse

Today is my next to last day of work, so blog posts should start going up earlier in the day starting soon! Until then, just continue to bare (bear?) with me!

Today's wedding is another adorable one. Duh. Found over at 100 Layer Cake. Love it! Check it out!

Love that Ben & Jerry's parody! So clever!
All Photography By Duchess and The Rabbit



Want To Be Featured?

Recently, in hopes of revamping the blog, I've been looking at some of my favorite blogs and taking note of what they do that I like. One thing is that they feature a lot of other bloggers and people. 

Yes, I feature weddings and interior spaces and other things, but all of those can be found on other blogs. I don't want to be the blog that re-blogs other blogs. (Can I fit the word "blog" in a few more times?) 

So, I am officially putting out a call for submissions for Uncommonplace! Think your wedding was amazing? Let me know! Want to share your decorating taste with the world? Let's do it! Maybe you have a great craft or recipe. I am always accepting guest posts! Or maybe you are a small business or artist and want a bit more exposure. I would love to help you out! 

Does any of this describe you? If so, please email me at uncommonplacemail@gmail.com. Don't be shy! I would love to feature you! Just let me know what you would like to feature, and we will start working it out!


A Kitschy Kitchen

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7



Wish I Was In....Mackinac Island

Source: Mackinac Island

You know you wish you were there too. No cars allowed, beautiful old buildings, gorgeous gardens. I'm pretty sure I could handle it.....



Ten On Ten

I got a bit of a later start than I had planned this morning, but here are the pictures from Ten on Ten. Essentially, you take one picture every hour for ten consecutive hours. If you want more information, click HERE

Ok, so the day took some unexpected (good) turns and the camera accidentally got left at home. So it didn't happen. Next month though, I'm determined! If you did this, leave your link in the comments so I can see your day!


Friday Favorites

1. Favorite Entertainment-Related Thing: Austenland

Source: Goodreads

I'm referring to the book, in this case. Although now I'm incredibly excited for the movie! I started listening to this book on my commute this week and I'm really enjoying it. It is definitely a fluffy, chick-lit read, but it is so cute! I tried reading My Jane Austen Summer earlier this year and just couldn't make it through it. I was hoping this was better, and it is. 

2. Favorite DIY/Handmade-Related Thing: Ruffled Pleated Curtains

Source: Besserina

These are lovely. I'm working up the nerve to convince Justin that we need to install curtains in our new rental. If I succeed, these will definitely be on the list. They may even be the only ones on the list.                          

3. Favorite Food-Related Thing: Single Serving Desserts

Source: My Happy Place

This site has the most amazing recipes for single serving desserts that are made in a mug in the microwave. Soon, I will make these. Very soon. 

4. Favorite Interior-Related Thing: Warm and Woodsy

Apartment Therapy may claim that this mood board is for a dorm, but really, it is basically a way to get a pulled together look on a budget. You notice that all of the prices are only in the double digits? That makes me incredibly happy! Dorm schmorm. I want this in my real life room.

5. Favorite Event-Related Thing: DIY Mobile Station

Source: Wiley Valentine

Love this baby shower idea! Instead of decorating the onesies (which is fun but common), have each guest decorate a part of the mobile! How adorable! 

6. Favorite Fashion-Related Thing: Everlasting Bow Ring

Source: Ruche

Ruche is kind of my favorite place ever to look at clothes. Someday, I will actually buy something from there! I am determined. But for now, I will just dream. Right now I'm crushing on this dainty ring. It may not make much of a statement, but I kind of just want to hug it. Is that an okay thing to say about a ring?

7. Favorite Miscellaneous: Self Shot Engagement Photos

Source: Wonder Forest

If you aren't familiar with Dana from Wonder Forest, you should be. She recently posted her engagement pictures, which she shot herself (of course). She is kind of one of those I-can-do-everything-and-still-have-a-life kind of people, so I shouldn't be surprised that she shot her own engagement photos and that they are stunning. 

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