Halloween In Review

I was actually originally planning on posting my Blog Planner on the day of my blogiversary (October 30), but those few days were just pure craziness for me and I never got around to it! My husband put on his first big event at our church, a family-oriented Harvest Party, so our lives were pretty busy with prep and participating in the actual event. We had a great turn out and still have a ridiculous amount of candy leftover (on which I have been needlessly snacking). We weren't able to get photos of ourselves during the actual event, but while we were cleaning up, I made sure that we got a few of us in our costumes. 

Want to know something pathetic? I was in charge of the ring toss game that night, so I spent almost two hours picking up the rings and handing them to the next person in line. Due to all of the crouching action that night, I was barely able to walk the next few days! Needless to say, I am not in shape. 

I hope your Halloweens were filled with fun, friends, food and other appropriate f-words. :)



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