Friday Favorites: Daily Vlogger Edition!

The 31 Days post will be up tomorrow, hopefully. But for now, enjoy my current favorite "slice-of-life" daily vloggers!

Shaytards - I have professed my love of them before on this blog, but it cannot be said too many times! Their joy just makes me smile and it's always so nice to see a family truly living and loving life! 

It's Judy's Life - Judy and her husband Benji are very soon-to-be parents and are also currently building a house. Beyond that, they are just adorable! Judy has another channel where she talks about beauty (mostly make up) and Benji often discusses his healthy eating habits and such. But really, they are fun to watch and I love starting my mornings with their videos!
BFvsGF- Jesse and Jeana are hilarious. And dramatic. They are mostly know for their other channel, Prank vs Prank, but I love watching them in their everyday lives. Sometimes there is some language or inappropriate jokes, but for the most part, it's just really fun. 
CTFxC - Charles and Alli Trippy are in their fourth year of vlogging and have gotten pretty comfortable with the camera, catching a variety of little snippets everyday. Once again, the language and jokes warning applies, but they have adorable dogs, so it's all good. :)
SacconeJolys - This couple is a recent discovery of mine. It's Judy's Life mentioned them once in a vlog so I checked them out and fell in love! One of the most endearing things about them is that they are Irish. They also have the most adorable baby girl in the whole world. So push play and say "aww!"
Do you have any favorite vloggers that I need to know about? Please share in the comments!



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