31 Days to an Organized Lifestyle: Prioritize! (Day Two)

Okay, so yesterday was my birthday (yay 23!), and I really didn't want to post anything. Hopefully today I will get all caught up! :)

Before attempting to make a change in life, even something as seemingly simple as this, we need to have a filter through which we make those decisions. There has to be a goal in mind prior to anything else. How to figure out what that goal is, though, is the hard part.

Luckily, I've done all of the work! Well, almost all of it. The thing about having an "organized lifestyle" is that it is going to look differently in various people's lives. Not only because they have their own schedule or situation, but because they want to organize their lives around different things. 

While there are a ton of different ways we could go about discovering what we want to center our lives around, here is a very simple and effective way. 

First, start by filling in this blank. If you were to die tomorrow (please don't!), what adjectives would you want people to remember your life by? You would want them to say: "She (or he) led a very __________ life." Take the time to make a list of every adjective you can think of that describe how you want people to remember you. 

After you feel that you have written down all of the adjectives you can think of, go back over the list and circle the ones that really seem to be at the core of who you want to be. The goal here is to get it down to a manageable number, somewhere between 3-6 is ideal. 

Here are the five words that I came up with when I did this exercise:

If I am remembered by nothing else, it needs to be this. My life, ultimately, is not about me. Everything I do should glorify God and if I don't achieve that, then I don't achieve anything.

This is something that comes and goes in my life. Unfortunately, right now, I am not exactly living a healthy lifestyle. I need to start regularly exercising, eating better, and drinking more water. I am hoping to make this such a part of my life that people naturally say that I lead a healthy life.

One of my constant goals is to stretch and improve my creativity in all aspects of my life. In writing, cooking, sewing, etc. I need my life full of creativity and creative people or boredom takes over. 

This is another one that I really need in my life but struggle with doing. I have a tendency to spend hours looking at things on Pinterest but not very much time doing anything. For the most part, dishes get done, laundry gets cleaned, dinner gets made. But beyond the average daily tasks, I lack motivation for productivity. And that needs to stop. 

This one may seem a little strange. But after living a godly life, I feel that this is my greatest purpose. Someday I will raise children and that is a huge responsibility. I want people to be able to look at my life and see a tight-knit family. 

Now that you have seen my five words, it is time to try it yourself! This exercise is key to the rest of the series because this is the lens through which we will make the changes. When we look at schedules tomorrow, these words will be what help determine what we spend our time doing. 

If you do this, leave a comment or send me a message and let me know what your five words are!



  1. Having direction that shapes our lifestyle is so important. I like how you've used this idea to kick start your series. Our family have four words that aren't too different than words I would choose for myself. So I'm going to focus on these words: Wisdom, Creativity, Orderliness, Peace and in a recent conversation our kids added Grace as they see that is a key word to our family.

    1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love your words! Wisdom and Peace are great ones! And grace is crucial when dealing with family relationships, for sure. Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. You are 23? What a baby! (in a good way!) My five would be Godly(loved that idea!), kind, compassionate, hardworking and gentle.

    1. Yep, I'm still pretty young. :) And those are great words! I love "gentle." That is one of my favorite fruits of the spirit!

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