31 Days to an Organized Lifestyle: Get Rid of That Crud! (Day Four)

Man! Now I'm two days behind! Yesterday, I was actually pretty productive! But I never got around to writing a blog post. This whole posting every day is exhausting! I'm thinking this weekend I will do a little more planning and writing in advance. :) 

Today's post will be fairly short and sweet and to the point. Once again, this may seem like an obvious step in simplifying and organizing your lifestyle, but it is a necessary one. It's time to DE-CLUTTER!

Too much stuff can really make your life more complicated. And I know this first hand. My husband and I moved to Oregon about a month ago and took a 26-foot Uhaul. While we didn't have it filled to the top, we did have it filled to the front (or back, depending on how you look at it). And we moved into a 1000-square-foot condo. Needless to say, it has been a long process organizing and putting away all of that stuff. The piles of clothes, boxes, and various home decor items that don't have a place are starting to take over and make us constantly uneasy. 

I have no real tips for this task other than just do it! Yes, it looks daunting and yes, it will probably take longer than you want. It may even take weeks to haul all of that stuff out and go through it. 

But what I lack in advice, I will try and make up for in motivation. Here is some transparency. The following pictures represent some of the worst offenders in my home. We have lived here for over a month now, and these things have not found a home yet. And there is pretty much no room left for them. I am either going to have to work some magic or get rid of some stuff. 

My goal as of right now is that in one week, all of this stuff will have found a home, whether with me or someone else. When we were moving, I thought that I would need/use everything that we brought. Now that we are here, I realize that I was wrong. Some trips to the Goodwill donation center may be in my future....

My challenge to you is the same. In one week, have all of those "I'll get to it someday" organizing projects done! Maybe for you it is going through your closet and getting rid of clothes you never wear, or getting rid of those extra baking dishes that sit in the back of your cupboards, or hanging up that artwork or photos that have been hanging out in storage (ok, that's one of mine!). 

I'm not saying that you need to go through your entire house and get rid of EVERYTHING you don't use right now. Just tackle the major areas to start simplifying your life! I'll do it too and in one week, next Saturday, I will check back in and show you what those same spots look like in my house. We'll do this together. This is one of the easiest and straightforward things that can be done to make the everyday effortless. :)

Oh, and to get you started, here is a short little playlist of some of my favorite songs to clean to!

Working Music by Natalia Werber on Grooveshark



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