31 Days to an Organized Lifestyle: Dream, Baby! (Day Six)

Hello again! We made it to day six and it's only the 11th! :) Hopefully these will continue to get a little more consistent. I'm trying to take my own advice and manage my time a little better so that I can get more done. The bed time and wake up time schedule is still totally messing with me though. Bleh. I'm not perfect and my schedule isn't either, but I'm trying. That's what counts, right? Anyway, onto today's post!

This is a way fun post! The last few posts have been about clearing out junk and figuring out what all you have. Now that you've done all of that, you get to plan and dream! 

If you're home is exactly the way you want it, then just leave now because this won't excite you at all. But if you have a vision for your home and are ready to make it a reality, then stick around!

I have a tendency to not plan out a space very well and just jump into decorating. This often ends in frustration and a half-done space. No good. My husband and I rent an apartment right now, so painting and any real changes are out of the question, especially because we won't be living here long-term. But I have started planning for my future home, the home that we will either build or buy, the home that we will raise our family in. Because I am in that situation, I am going to address people both like myself and those who already are in a long-term home. 

For those of you who already either own your home or are renting long-term, I recently found a printable planner that looks extremely helpful. You can get it here. This is like a planner's dream! Using this planner can really help you decide what you want that room to function as, how to fix spots you aren't happy with, and even how to approach the project. I can't even imagine how much you can get done if you plan out all of the details first!

This is also a great way to implement your priority words from Day Two. In the goals section at the top of the page, be sure to consider those words when writing about the space. Because I want my life to be more family-oriented, I want my living space to have a "come in and put your feet up" kind of vibe to encourage friends and family to spend time with us. If you use this planner for your whole home, be sure to include all of your words in one way or another. 

You can also include pictures from magazines or the internet. This will be discussed more in the following section. 

Now, for those of us who are still in the dreaming stage of our someday home, there are a ton of different approaches for us. I am going to just address a few that work for me. 

The main thing that I have been doing is curating a "Dream Home Notebook." I have been going through all the magazines that have been sitting around my house for the last few years and ripping out any of the pages that inspire me. Then I put them in some of those clear page protectors and used tabs to put them into categories. A very basic idea but one that I know will be helpful when we have the time, money, and space to make our home the way we want it. 

Pinterest is also a great place to do some dreaming. I have both an Interior Decorating board and a Dream Home Project board where I mainly put products that I would love to have in a home someday. I used to just bookmark everything that I loved, but this is a much better way to keep everything together and look at it as a whole. When I do have my home someday (and if Pinterest is still around at that point), then I will create a board for each room of the house, creating a virtual moodboard of sorts. 

What home planning systems work for you? I am always interested to hear how others go about this kind of thing. And how do you plan on implementing your priority words into your space? While this can be tricky, the result can create a space that is not only pleasing to look at, but practical to your everyday life. 

Tomorrow we have another fun post. I will be sharing a few super easy home decorating projects for those of you who just want to spruce up your space a bit. Be sure to come back! In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite spaces from Pinterest to get you inspired!

Source: La Dolce Vita

Source: bhg.com

Source: Flickr



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