31 Days to an Organized Life: Inventorize! (Day Five)

Confession: I am not the world's most consistent blogger. This 31 days series is supposed to have a new post everyday and I am not keeping up. I am determined to finish, but it may be a few weeks into November before that happens. Believe it or not, even life without a job is really busy! Some days I just have to prioritize (remember that post?) and blogging doesn't quite make it on the list. Anyway, onto today's topic!

In case you are wondering, "Inventorize" is not a real word. I made it up. And as much as it sounds like "to invent something," it is not. Actually, it's to take inventory. Now you see it, right? Maybe not. Anyway, hopefully now some of that junk that we talked about in the last post is gone, or at least put away. But even if it is all organized and beautiful and perfect, do you have any idea what you actually have? 

If you do, then kudos to you! I do not. At least not everything. Inventories are pretty basic ideas. You take a type of item that you have a lot of in your house, categorize it (if necessary), and write down each item. Then, whenever you need to know what you have, you can just check that list rather than go searching for it! 

But what in the world are we supposed to inventorize? I have a few ideas:
  • Movies or CDs
  • Boxes in an Attic
  • Tools
  • Foods in an Extra Freezer
  • Items in Closets
  • Things in a Storage Unit
  • Pantry (for those who want to put the effort into keeping that up)
  • Craft Supplies
Those are just a few ideas. Hopefully a few more ideas have popped into your head when reading that list. 

Inventorizing can be as basic or detailed as you want it to be. For example, if you have an attic and you want to remember what is in there, you can either make a list of the general boxes and large items that are up there (i.e. Christmas Decorations, Summer Clothes, Old Toys) or, for those with extra time and motivation, you can make a detailed list of every item that is in those boxes. If you have Christmas Decorations stored in multiple areas of your home, it might be good to write down what decorations are where. 

For your benefit, I have a mini-roundup of a few inventory printables, since I don't have the know how to make and distribute my own.

  • This printable gives you a space to write down everything in your home in case of a fire or other disaster were to happen.
  • This printable is specific to Christmas Decorations.
  • This printable is a Freezer Inventory.
  • This is a Media Inventory printable.
  • This is specifically for Kid's Clothing, but could easily be modified.
  • This helps keep track of your Spice Cabinet.
  • This is helpful in meal planning (which will be a future post!) to determine what you already have in your pantry.

Hopefully this is helpful! Once you finish the inventories that pertain to you, hole punch them and stick them in a binder! If you already have a Home Management Binder, that would be a good place to put them. If not, a separate binder or even just a folder would work perfectly. Happy Inventorizing!



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