We Have Arrived!

Actually, we arrived a few days ago. But our internet just arrived today, so it finally feels like we are home! We have had the most amazing last few days and I just want to share the highlights with you since I haven't been able to blog in what feels like forever!!

When we got to McMinnville on Saturday, about 15 church members were there to help us unload the U-Haul. Justin and I have a lot of stuff, so we almost filled a 26-foot truck. But with all of the help, it only took about 45 minutes to unload! 

On Sunday, we found out that we were being "pounded," which means that people from the church gave us pounds and pounds of food! And oh man did we get a lot! Our pantry (we have a pantry!) is filled to the max with cans and boxes and bottles of pretty much anything you can think of! It has been so great to be welcomed and cared for like this!

Justin's dad came with us and drove the U-Haul and just left for the airport to fly back to Boise today. It was really great having him here with us and helping us get a lot of stuff set up. Most of the rooms are livable, but need some more work. Unfortunately, the room where we put everything that we didn't want to go through right away is also the room that will become my sewing room. So some crafts are going to have to get put off for awhile. :( 

My parents, sister, and grandparents all live relatively close now that we live in Western Oregon. So they came down yesterday for Labor Day and spent some time seeing our new place and walking down to the church and such. My dad took a few pictures while he was here and I thought I'd share some, just so this post isn't quite as word-heavy. :)

When the condo actually gets to where I am really proud to show it, then you will see more pictures! :)

Anyway, in blog-related business, I have a few things to accomplish. I need to answer emails (sorry if you haven't heard from me and are expecting to), put up September's sponsors, and send out an etsy order! Oi. Hopefully those things will get done today. Or tomorrow. 

Now I'm going to go catch up on my YouTube subscriptions and hang up clothes in our (walk-in!) closet! Have a great Tuesday everyone!



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