I know I've been a little M.I.A. from my blog recently. And I'm afraid these next few weeks won't be a whole lot better. Moving is literally a week away, so posting will be pretty sporadic. I'm working on painting some furniture, sewing some pillows, creating some wall art, and packing our things that have been scattered all throughout the house. 

I have a few posts lined up that I just need to work on and I'm hoping to be posting a few videos soon, but beyond that, I really have no idea what the next few weeks will look like at Uncommonplace. The shop will be put in vacation mode soon, so if there are any purchases you want to make, do it soon! 

I hope you all will stick around and keep reading while I go through this transition in my personal life. I promise that as soon as we are settled in Oregon, some great new posts will be up! 



  1. We live in Oregon :) Hopefully you will like it :)
    Pretty Living PDX

    1. I grew up in Newport and we are moving to McMinnville, so I'm not too worried. :) I'm assuming you live in Portland since you have PDX in your blog title?

  2. We'll be here waiting for sporadic updates. Enjoy settling into a new home!


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