Summer Reading

My love of good literature is something that I haven't written about a whole lot this summer. While I havent read as much as I would have liked to by now, I have read more than I often do. I've even been keeping up with my Goodreads page (which I would love to be friends with you on!). 

So for this post, I thought I would give a quick overview of some books I have been reading this summer. :) I've been collecting books throughout my entire college career that I thought would be good so my goal was to read some of these this summer instead of just getting books from the library. 

I picked this book up at a library book sale and have been looking forward to it for quite awhile. I haven't seen the movie, so I can't compare the two. But I really enjoyed the book! There is definitely a lot of adult content, so I wouldn't even let a teenager read it most likely. The story is in three different parts with an epilogue of sorts at the end, so it isn't your typical novel. However, the concept was interesting and the characters were relatable. So if you don't mind language and some intimate moments, I would recommend this book. 

This is the latest book from Billie Letts, the author of Where the Heart Is (also made into a popular movie with Natalie Portman). Essentially, this is a book about two kids who have to grow up too fast. This book, as with Atonement, definitely includes some difficult subject matter. The two kids escape to Las Vegas in order not to have to go into foster care. But the way they must support themselves can be really hard to read. If you get emotionally attached to characters, you may either love or hate this book. But I found the story to be interesting and I definitely kept wanting to read more. 

I am a huge Fannie Flagg fan. In fact, I have two more books by her that I have picked up and are waiting patiently for me to read. I got this one at the library in audio book form as something to listen to on my long commute to work. I didn't know much about it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I won't rave about it, but it was a cute story. The ultimate question it is attempting to answer was the meaning of life. And, in purely Fannie Flagg style, she took something rather serious and made it light hearted. If a novel is going to be about such a heavy topic, I'm glad she took it in the direction she did. It wasn't very deep or poignant and the theology is absurd. But, if nothing else, it made me realize how many opportunities we have to affect others in our short lives and the impact we can make.

This is what I am currently reading. I love fiction books by Liz Curtis Higgs because she has a unique concept. She has a passion for Scottish history and Bible stories. So she combines the two! I have also read her Scottish version of the story of Ruth (with some major liberties taken) and I loved it! So when I saw that she had previously written the story of Jacob & Esau, emphasizing Jacob's relationship with Rachel and Leah, I knew I had to read it! So this one, I did get from the library. And while it has been interesting so far, I'm kind of waiting for it to pick up, which I think it will when it gets to all the drama (which is a total guilty pleasure for me!). I'll give a little update on this when I finish it. :)

This is my first Nicholas Sparks book. I'm usually not a big fan of his stories because the movies often take the faith out of them and make them more sexualized and unrealistic. But this book was recommended to me by my sister, and she has good taste. So I picked this up as an audio book and am currently listening to it in my car. Even though this book does not have the best reviews on Goodreads, I am actually really enjoying it! At the heart of it, this is a simple narrative about a marriage relationship and how people can start to drift apart after the many changes life throws at them. Through flashbacks and current happenings, we catch glimpses of the good, bad, and humorous parts of Wilson and Jane's 30-year-marriage. It's a lovely sentiment so far, and I know that there is a twist in the end that I am looking forward to. :)

What books are you reading this summer? I'm always looking for good books to read! Even if I must get them from the library. :)

Next on my list for audiobooks is Austenland and I am planning on finishing the Liz Curtis Higgs trilogy after I finish Thorn in My Heart.



  1. Thanks for posting some good reads! I just got done with Matched by Allie Condie. If you've ever read The Giver it reminded me of that as far as the future setting goes. Interesting concept and story line.

    1. I have read The Giver, and I remember liking it, but I think I read it in Middle School! I will have to check out that book though. I love a good science fiction/fantasy story! Thanks!

  2. I'm so glad you're listening to The Wedding! I seriously loved it. And the twist at the ending is really good! ;)

    1. Yeah! I finished it a few days ago. It was really cute! I was actually squealing out loud a little bit in my car.....:)


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