Sponsor Swap With Uncommonplace in August!

August is just around the corner! I can't believe it! Summer over halfway done. I'm pretty excited for Fall to come though. It always brings changes, often positive ones. Up until this year, fall has always brought a new school year. This year, it will bring a move to another state and a new job for my husband.

Another change I hope comes my way this fall is to continue to grow my blog and to help grow others! One of the biggest ways to do both is to do a sponsor swap! This is absolutely free and is a great way to get your name out there! 

This month, due to the fact that I now have over 50 followers, there will be a little change in the way I do sponsor swaps. In the past, I have left my sponsor swaps up as long as my button was on the other blog. Now, I will be switching to monthly swaps. I will be renewing the ads at the beginning of each month and if someone would like to stay as an ad on my blog, all they need to do is let me know and I will keep them up!

This will also be the first month that I do a Sponsor Highlight post! This will also be something that will bring more traffic to your blog if you choose to swap with me. I am also completely willing to discuss guest post swaps and/or hosting giveaways on Uncommonplace. 

My current blog statistics are as follows:
62 Followers Via GFC
67 Likes on Facebook
37 Followers on Twitter
7 Followers on Hellocotton
7 Followers on Bloglovin'
1897 Pageviews last month

If you are interested in doing a sponsor swap with Uncommonplace for the month of August, please email me at uncommonplacemail@gmail.com. 

Looking forward to swapping with you!



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