Friday Favorites

It has been awhile since I've done a Friday Favorites. So, in case you have been missing them, here you go!

1. Favorite Music-Related Thing: Nonfiction Love Song - Jillian Edwards

This is the most adorable song I've heard in a long time! It will do your soul good to hear something so lovely. :) I promise.

Nonfiction Love Song by Jillian Edwards on Grooveshark

2. Favorite DIY/Handmade-Related Thing: Stamped Tea Towel DIY

Loving how simple but elegant these towels are! I'm thinking that I need to make some of these for the new apartment we get in September!

               Source: Centsational Girl

3. Favorite Food-Related Thing: Skinny Summer Blended Drinks

I'm always looking for good, non-alcoholic drink recipes. These kinds of things are so fun to serve at parties or even just for yourself! And these ones aren't too high on the caloric intake either, so you can drink them guilt free!

                               Source: Skirt.com

4. Favorite Interior-Related Thing: This blue writing desk

I've been totally digging blues lately, especially the darker, richer ones. So my heart fluttered at the sight of this gorgeous desk. 

                     Source: Elle Decor

5. Favorite Event-Related Thing: This silverware display idea

This is such a simple idea with a profound impact. My favorite things about a good event are the small details and this would be something that could be easy for anyone to incorporate! 

                                          Source: Style Me Pretty

6. Favorite Entertainment-Related Thing: Nanny 911

I've been watching Nanny 911 about 24 hours a day recently (ok, not really, but you get it). The best part about it is that Justin's nephew is watching it with me and I love to hear his comments on what the kids are doing. He is pretty responsible, so he often says things like "Oh you are never supposed to say 'I don't love you' to your mom!" and "They are not very good kids! They don't even give their mom a break for a day!" It's adorable. 

    Source: CMT

7. Favorite Miscellaneous: Tips For An Organized Pantry

The apartment/condo that we are going to be renting in about a month includes a pantry! I'm ridiculously excited about this! In our last apartment, our food took over a few cupboard space that could have been used for something else. I am determined for this pantry to be as organized as possible, and I love the tips that this person gives!

                                   Source: Burlap and Denim

What are your current favorite things this week?



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