Wedding Wednesday: Circus Themed

Yesterday was my 2-year anniversary with my husband, Justin, and he surprised me with taking me to Brave! So I was pretty much gone all yesterday, hence no post. I should be catching up a bit in the next few days, especially since I got a super fun package from Amazon in the mail today! :) Anyway, here is today's Wedding Wednesday (sorry about the tardiness). 

It is usually children's parties that we see with circus or carnival themes. I often ask myself, "Self, how would one do the grown-up version of a circus theme?" Ok, that is a lie. But if I had asked myself that, this would be the answer. Found on 100 Layer Cake, this wedding takes circus to a new, classier level. Enjoy! (And you will because there is a carousel involved!)

          All photography by Sam Hurd Photography.



  1. When I read "Circus" I thought it was going to be so tacky but they seriously made it classy!


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