My Favorite Non-Music Podcasts

This summer, I have been commuting about 50 minutes both in the morning and in the afternoon to get to and from work. While I enjoy the radio and my CDs, I get a little lonely on the drives and long for company. Enter podcasts. There have been a handful that I have been enjoying so far this summer and I thought I'd share them with you in case you need a little company for the lonelier parts of life. :)

1. The Heatley Cliff - I stumbled upon this great podcast through HelloGiggles. The description from their website says this:

"Join Amy Foster and Sheryl Zentner as they create their version of the modern day salon whilst discussing books, pop culture, fashion, knitting and whatever inspires them in the moment."

These two have great chemistry and are super funny. They discuss things that often fall under the category of "granny chic" and are not topics that I usually know much about. Some that I have recently listened to include Royal Doulton figurines, the history of romance novels, and fashion designers who have impacted history. If you aren't listening to The Heatley Cliff, I greatly advise that you do. :)

                                Source: The Heatley Cliff Facebook

2. The RELEVANT Podcast - This one is for my Christian brothers and sisters (can I get a woot?). RELEVANT Magazine is a great publication for those of us who don't feel that we have to be completely separated from what goes on in the world to still be a dedicated follower of Jesus. This podcast is an extension of the magazine. They discuss a lot of pop culture, humor, and other things that often (unfortunately) aren't associated with Christians. They keep it pretty lighthearted and are very easy to listen to, so check them out!

                                Source: RELEVANT Podcast Twitter

3. When The Kids Go To Sleep - If I haven't made it obvious yet, I am a huge Shaytards fan. While I may not agree with them religiously/theologically, I agree with them...as people? I don't know how to put it, but I just love watching them. So when I realized they had a podcast, I immediately subscribed. It is interesting to hear their various opinions on things and then follow up by watching how those opinions play out in their daily videos. If you like Shaytards, you will like the podcast. Pretty simple. :)

                                     Source: Shoot Yeah Shaytards

4. Mousetalgia! - Of course I have to include one Disneyland podcast. :) I have a minor obsession with Disneyland, and this is my favorite podcast that discusses things related to it. I had the chance to interview Jeff, the spearhead of this podcast, for my journalism class last year, and that made me a dedicated listener. Once again, these Disney lovers are extremely funny (common theme in my listening choices), knowledgeable, and pretty "normal" considering their hobbies. :)

                               Source: Mousetalgia

What are your favorite non-Music podcasts? I love discovering new things to listen to and new people to keep me company. :)



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