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Hello! Since I am still in Disneyland, I have a guest post for you today! This is the first one I have ever hosted on my blog but I plan on having a ton more! Today's post is from Laura over at Yummy Laura. Her blog is way fun and so interesting to read since she is currently living in France. I'm so excited to have her on, so without further ado, here she is!

How to Manage Your Time When You Have A Lot on Your Plate

Busy times can be completely invigorating...that is, if you know how to manage your time well. You can get a lot of important tasks done, balance a social life and still find time to relax if you let your busy times feed you with energy. Organizing the way you do all of these things will keep you on that steady flow where you are only begging for more!

Living abroad without a full time job, I go through a ton of periods where I don’t have a lot to do. I don’t like these times even though most people pray they had less on their plates. During those times, I deliberately start 3 or 4 really hard challenges to pack up my schedule. Luckily I have been on the go for a good month now and feel amazing. 

How can you gain that same feeling of greatness with a full schedule? Here are some tips:

See the larger picture.

If you are planning for a trip that is coming up in a week, you will need to do a lot of prep work. Just remember that lovely vacation you will be having. On top of that lovely vacation, you will know that everything is running completely smoothly while you are away. If you don’t work hard beforehand, you may have a ton of stress and worry while you are taking your vacation.

Maybe you are planning a wedding? Just picture all of your guests having a great time and know that they are because of the hard work you put in.

Before I moved to France I went on an extremely tight budget and tried to pick up as many extra days at work as possible. If the boss called me in a morning and asked me to come in a half hour later, I was there. It was a lot of work and it interrupted my schedule, but come on, FRANCE!


I think I am the queen of delegating. I love doing everything myself, don’t get me wrong but I sometimes I need to choose what’s more important, being at work on time, or cleaning the bathroom for the guests that are coming over? Obviously being at work on time but seriously, that bathroom needs to be cleaned as well. Thank you delegation! And don’t be afraid to ask! People generally like feeling needed and love the praise they will get afterwards.

I was planning my sister’s bridal shower last year and completely stressed myself out for the first half of the planning, wanting to do everything myself. I had a serious talk with my aunt over the phone and she really suggested that I make a list of everything to be done and start handing those tasks out to others. And only one or so task to each person as to not make them feel used. I had one person plan one game, one person bring the potato salad, another person buy the decorations. I still did a lot, but those tedious things were out the window!
Is it a 1, 2 or 3?

I am reading Steve Pavlina’s book Personal Development For Smart People right now and he suggests a method that has completely changed my last few weeks of living!

On battlefields, doctors have no choice but to group patients into 3 categories: the first group of people are people who will die whether or not they receive immediate medical attention, the second group of people are those who will live whether or not they receive immediate medical attention, and the third group of people are the people who will only survive if they receive the medical attention right NOW!
Always do your tasks in category three first!

I would always check my email first, and then my twitter, and then facebook but I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting when critical tasks needed my attention. Now I am focussing on the most important things when I manage my time, first I’ll write my articles in the morning, then I’ll visit other people’s blogs and comment (50-80 per day), then I’ll send out important emails or grocery shop and create recipes. These are all critical tasks. Afterwards I don’t have much time. I’ll check my emails before bed and be completely satisfied with the work I did. You see, those other little tasks that we like to procrastinate with, really are so unimportant that they never have to be done, or you will do them anyways so you might as well hold them off for the critical tasks. If I don’t write or comment, my blog dies, bottom line.

Those are three simple guidelines you can follow to completely change the way you see your time! I truly believe that success comes from hard work and the best success comes from the hard work that you love doing!

Thank you so much Natalia for having me on your blog today and continue having fun on your trip!

* Laura is the voice behind yummylaura.com, a blog that focuses on what it takes to live a lifestyle that can only be described as yummy!  She shares recipes, practical advice, personal style and glimpses into her life abroad in France. 



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