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It's June! Finally! And Friday! If you have been keeping up, you may know that tomorrow is when I get to go to Disneyland! We leave early in the morning, so I won't be able to blog at all. Instead, I decided to move up Currently Obsessing Over to today. I'm also considering a name change for this feature. I'm thinking about moving it to Fridays and calling it "Friday, I'm In Love." I stole this idea from Ashley over at After Nine To Five. What do you think? Keep it or change it?

Anyway, here are the things I am currently obsessing over and/or loving this week:

1. This DIY Arrow Mobile - A simple DIY to hang in either an outdoor or indoor space. This has a fun modern design and would be a nice addition to pretty much anywhere. I think I may have to make this and hang it outside at our next apartment. 

                            Source: Smile and Wave

2. This paint chip table runner - How fun is this? Not only are the colors gorgeous, the actual names of the paints on the runner add some quirk, which I love. :) Plus, the ombre thing is super big right now, and there is nothing wrong with getting on board with a trend. 

                                    Source: Leif Shop

3. This recipe for baked churros - Okay, so I haven't made these yet. But at this point, anything to do with churros looks delicious! (Hint: it's because of Disneyland!) So, I'm thinking when I get back from my trip and start craving these, I may have to give these a try. :)

    Source: The Baker Chick

4. This DIY ruffled ice cream cone - How fun, right? They look cute and easy. Great for a birthday party or even a really quirky wedding. Definitely going to be trying these soon! 

I'm hoping to get one more photo of the day posted tonight, then there will be a bit of a break this weekend. But, I have a guest post lined up for Monday! And you guys are going to love it! So make sure to check back on Monday! Have a great weekend!



  1. Keep it for sure! It's original...like those crazy awesome ice cream cones!


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