Not This Week..

I've decided not to do a Friday Favorites this week due to time and motivation issues. But! I have already planned out next month's blogging schedule, so be prepared to see some original and consistent posts in July! I'm pretty excited about them all, actually. Look forward to a few crafting/home decor book reviews, some photos from my Disneyland trip, and.....

Opening my Etsy shop!

Originally, I was hoping to have it all ready to go by the end of this month, but things like moving and work and other fun life events got in the way. So, as of now, my (un)official opening date for the shop is Friday, July 13! I thought it would be kind of funny to open it on a day that is notorious for "bad luck." But I'm not superstitious at all, so bring it on! I will keep you updated on weather or not it will actually open on that day. But for now, I will go and continue working on things for the shop! Have a great weekend! I'll leave you with a little encouragement. :)

                  Source: Pink Lemonade Design



An Independence Day Twist Color Palette

My favorite summer holiday, Independence Day, is right around the corner! In general, I think it is pretty awesome to live in America. It may not be perfect, but no where is, so I will gladly celebrate the freedom we have! 

One thing I'm not crazy about though is just plastering a terribly tacky flag on everything and calling it good. I think a more appropriate homage to our great nation would be to classify this holiday (as in, make it classy, not place it in a category). One easy way to do this is to use a variation of red or blue, rather than pulling the colors directly from the flag. I'm completely obsessed with pretty much anything teal right now, so I decided it might be fun to make a little teal and red color board for some Independence Day inspiration. :)

What are you planning on doing this Independence Day?



Wedding Wednesday: Circus Themed

Yesterday was my 2-year anniversary with my husband, Justin, and he surprised me with taking me to Brave! So I was pretty much gone all yesterday, hence no post. I should be catching up a bit in the next few days, especially since I got a super fun package from Amazon in the mail today! :) Anyway, here is today's Wedding Wednesday (sorry about the tardiness). 

It is usually children's parties that we see with circus or carnival themes. I often ask myself, "Self, how would one do the grown-up version of a circus theme?" Ok, that is a lie. But if I had asked myself that, this would be the answer. Found on 100 Layer Cake, this wedding takes circus to a new, classier level. Enjoy! (And you will because there is a carousel involved!)

          All photography by Sam Hurd Photography.



My Favorite Non-Music Podcasts

This summer, I have been commuting about 50 minutes both in the morning and in the afternoon to get to and from work. While I enjoy the radio and my CDs, I get a little lonely on the drives and long for company. Enter podcasts. There have been a handful that I have been enjoying so far this summer and I thought I'd share them with you in case you need a little company for the lonelier parts of life. :)

1. The Heatley Cliff - I stumbled upon this great podcast through HelloGiggles. The description from their website says this:

"Join Amy Foster and Sheryl Zentner as they create their version of the modern day salon whilst discussing books, pop culture, fashion, knitting and whatever inspires them in the moment."

These two have great chemistry and are super funny. They discuss things that often fall under the category of "granny chic" and are not topics that I usually know much about. Some that I have recently listened to include Royal Doulton figurines, the history of romance novels, and fashion designers who have impacted history. If you aren't listening to The Heatley Cliff, I greatly advise that you do. :)

                                Source: The Heatley Cliff Facebook

2. The RELEVANT Podcast - This one is for my Christian brothers and sisters (can I get a woot?). RELEVANT Magazine is a great publication for those of us who don't feel that we have to be completely separated from what goes on in the world to still be a dedicated follower of Jesus. This podcast is an extension of the magazine. They discuss a lot of pop culture, humor, and other things that often (unfortunately) aren't associated with Christians. They keep it pretty lighthearted and are very easy to listen to, so check them out!

                                Source: RELEVANT Podcast Twitter

3. When The Kids Go To Sleep - If I haven't made it obvious yet, I am a huge Shaytards fan. While I may not agree with them religiously/theologically, I agree with them...as people? I don't know how to put it, but I just love watching them. So when I realized they had a podcast, I immediately subscribed. It is interesting to hear their various opinions on things and then follow up by watching how those opinions play out in their daily videos. If you like Shaytards, you will like the podcast. Pretty simple. :)

                                     Source: Shoot Yeah Shaytards

4. Mousetalgia! - Of course I have to include one Disneyland podcast. :) I have a minor obsession with Disneyland, and this is my favorite podcast that discusses things related to it. I had the chance to interview Jeff, the spearhead of this podcast, for my journalism class last year, and that made me a dedicated listener. Once again, these Disney lovers are extremely funny (common theme in my listening choices), knowledgeable, and pretty "normal" considering their hobbies. :)

                               Source: Mousetalgia

What are your favorite non-Music podcasts? I love discovering new things to listen to and new people to keep me company. :)



Design Star/Sponge

I made the mistake of introducing my Mother-In-Law to Design Star this last weekend. Within the last few days, we have watched all four of the current episodes and have started re-watching season 5 (Emily Henderson is my favorite winner!). 

So far this season, I'm not loving anyone really. They all seem talented enough, but no one has caught my eye so much to where I say "Oh man, if they don't win, I'm going to scream!" Not like I say that about many things (I'm a pretty apathetic person), but interior design is something that I'm passionate about. I'm so far away from an expert, it's embarrassing. But I know what I like and I haven't seen a whole lot of it this season. I'm still waiting for someone to blow me out of the water. 

Anywho, on a somewhat-related-but-not-really note, I am totally digging Design*Sponge before and after room transformations. Totally. The other day, I saw this one, and my mind said "Well, hello there pretty room. Please invite me in for tea." It is a lovely mix of quirky and traditional. So I figured I should share it. 



Friday Favorites

I'm giving something else a shot this weekend. I just don't know why, but I'm not in love with my "Currently Obsessing Over" posts. I don't know if it is the title, content, or what. But I just need a change. I need a little more organization. So we'll see how this week goes. :) All of these "favorites" are in regard to what I'm liking this week

1. Favorite Music-Related Thing: Songza (especially the Music Concierge feature). 

2. Favorite DIY/Handmade-Related Thing: How To Build Herringbone/Chevron Shutters 

                      Source: Vintage Revivals

3. Favorite Food-Related Thing: Embroidery With Sprinkles

                     Source: Clockwork Lemon

4. Favorite Interior-Related Thing: Sunnyside Up

                   Source: sfgirlbybay

5. Favorite Event-Related Thing: Free Pom Pom Printables

                     Source: Domestifluff

6. Favorite Entertainment-Related Thing: Party Spock

       Source: Geeks Are Sexy

7. Favorite Miscellaneous: Needlepoint Watch

                   Source: Least Little Thing

What are some of your favorite things this week?

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