Photo of the Day: Bathroom Adventures

That title sounds much more interesting than the actual picture. Don't worry, nothing inappropriate here! Unless you think that a messy counter is inappropriate. Tonight I decided to tackle packing much of our bathroom items. I've pretty much been packing all day (hence no Currently Obsessing Over). So I thought I would share this lovely little snippet of my day with you. :)

Also, while I was packing up the bathroom, I was watching Shaytards (yes again) and I kept thinking about how I would love to do something like that. Unfortunately I do not have cute kids at this stage of my life, but that doesn't mean that my life isn't worth documenting! So I think I'm gonna give it a shot and we'll see how it turns out! It will not at all be anything fancy, but we'll see. Ha. Anyway, all this to say that I decided to finally experiment with my camera's video setting. I'm not going to upload it because it is basically just a video of me mumbling weird things to myself and discovering the manual focus on my lens. But hopefully within the next couple of days something slightly interesting will appear. We'll see. :) It is extremely possible that I will make it and then hate it and never show anyone ever. Ever. 



  1. I love the Shaytards. Sometimes I look at bloggers and people with kids and think, "that would be so much fun" but kids are also so.much.work. and my adventures are just as amazing...not always as cute though!

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