Notice Anything Different?

Unless this is your first time visiting Uncommonplace, you probably notice a few minor differences.....or maybe just one major one! Melissa, the lovely writer at 20 Going On 80, also runs a great blog design shop, Cherry On Top Blog Design! She is the one who gets all the credit for my awesome new design!

She has also designed a bunch of stuff for my upcoming Etsy shop (the link for it will be under the "shop" tab above once it gets up and running) and a few things to further my interior decorating/event planning business. I just can't thank her enough and I know that these changes will be something I will continually be grateful for!



  1. I'm going to start a campaign to bring back the old Uncommonplace. I hate this new one. Why are you always changing it?(Oops, sorry--facebook has trained me that you're always supposed to complain when something changes.) Actually, it looks good!

  2. Very nice! Congrats it looks pretty cool!


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