Happy May!

It's finally May! I feel like I have been waiting for this month forever! It is going to be a pretty big one for me. I'm finally doing this little thing called GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE! I don't know if you can tell, but I'm pretty dang excited. Also, in case you were wondering, it is only a month plus one day until I get to go to Disneyland. You probably weren't wondering, but I said it anyway!

Also, this month I will be getting everything ready to re-launch the blog and open up my own Etsy shop! In case you weren't aware, I made an announcement about a month ago laying out my future business plans. This is also something I am getting ridiculously excited for. :)

The main point of this post is to give you a glimpse into the hopefully fun things that this month will hold for the blog. So take a peek into what I have planned!

1. Actually following through with the Dream Home Project. You probably thought I forgot all about this, huh? Well there is where you would be wrong! I just haven't had time to go through and design them. But! I am making it a priority now! Well, one of many priorities. :) Also, I have decided to post one room at a time, but both the "dream" one and the "budget" one so you can compare them! Fun, right?

2. Some posts outlining my goals for the summer. I love setting goals when a new stage of life approaches. In the past, I have laid out my resolutions for this year, but I want to get specific and share a few more details. And I want to hear what you have planned! Summer is such an exciting time of possibility!

3. A few sneak peeks into the organization and preparation of my Etsy shop! This is a big step for me and I want to share my journey with you all. Get ready for pictures, uncertainty, and me desperately seeking advice. :)

4. Some more daily life posts. I am really going to try harder to take more pictures of every day life and share them on here. I love reading/seeing someone's life. I don't know why, but it makes you feel like you are a part of something, even if you don't know them! And in this vein, I have contemplated making some vlog-like videos. Not ones where I would be awkwardly talking into a crappy web cam, but ones where I just record some of the more interesting aspects of life and painfully edit them all together. What do you think?

5. I am also planning on featuring some other bloggers and shops that I love! I recently went through my favorite Etsy shop list and I have so many! I may try to post once a week or so about this kind of stuff. You may even see one of these posts come up this week! (hint hint)

6. Last but not least, I would really love to start having some guest posts or giveaways on the blog! If you would like to post or have a product and would like to host a giveaway on my blog, please let me know! I know my blog is small right now, but think of it as getting in on the ground floor of something! It's an adventure of sorts. :)

And most importantly, I would like to ask you: What do you want to see more of on my blog? Do you like the Wedding Wednesdays? Currently Obsessing Over? Or would you rather see more handmade features, some DIY projects, or something else? I'm totally up for suggestions! What is the point of having a blog if people don't like what you are posting?


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