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Today is my first free Saturday since graduation. Some people say that they get bored when they aren't in school, but I have so many hobbies to keep me busy! Right now, I'm curled up (still in my pajamas at 10:30) with peppermint tea and about to read a good book (curious what I'm reading? Check out my goodreads page!). Later, I will do some sewing for the Etsy shop and some packing for our move while watching some great movies! The only "chores" I have to do today are to clean the kitchen and write graduation thank you notes. But I would much rather do those than homework. So happy Saturday to you all! And here is what I am currently obsessing over. :)

1. This great community of bloggers! I joined Better Blogger Network this week and already love it! Since it is still relatively small, it is fairly easy to make your voice heard. There are some great discussions and great people over there. If you have a blog and want to connect with other bloggers, I would highly recommend joining!

   Source: Better Blogger Network

2. This furniture trend. I had seen dipped things scattered around on Pinterest, but I hadn't realized how much of a trend it had become until I saw this wonderful round up on a guest post on SF Girl By Bay. I love it! It kind of reminds me of the color blocking trend, but for furniture! Check it out:

               Source: We Love Domino
               Source: House and Home
               Source: Martha Stewart
               Sources: Annixen & Design For Mankind

3. More competition shows! I shared with you in another post that I will pretty much watch anything as long as it is in competition form. Well, within the next few weeks, two of my favorite competition shows will be back for their summer seasons! Design Star and So You Think You Can Dance! I am very excited about these and since I won't be working evenings anymore, I will actually get to watch them! Yay!

4. This post on building a dollhouse. I think I may have shared this with you before, but if I ever have a daughter, I plan on building or buying a blank dollhouse and decorating it for her. I want to make all of the furniture and everything, so this post got me dreaming about that day. They give pretty good step-by-step instructions on how they built theirs, so I may attempt something like that in the future...

                                     Source: Young House Love

So there you have it! What are your plans for this lovely weekend? And what kinds of things are you currently obsessing over right now? I am planning on doing a Photo of the Day on weekends too, so check back tonight and tomorrow!



  1. Hey! I joined that network too! I've been swamped though so I have a chance to really get into it and explore! I'm packing away my stuff for a move. My bf's dad is staying with us for a week before we move and I want to try to get everything done before he gets here...I'm not one for loving help ;)

    1. Awesome! Its so fun! And I totally understand about not wanting help packing. I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to that stuff. I even don't really like my husband to help. :)


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