Currently Obsessing Over....

In case you are wondering, I am now officially a college graduate! But there will be a more detailed post on that later in the week. :) For now, here are the things I am currently obsessing over!

1. This DIY Bird Hanger - a sweet and simple decoration. This would be so perfect as a mobile in a nursery, right? :)

   Source: cakies

2. This stunning stationary! The colors and illustrations are so perfect! I wish I wrote more letters so that I could justify purchasing these.

                                  Source: Rifle Paper Co.

3. These cucumber and avocado summer rolls - So it turns out that I can't find rice paper anywhere. Instead, I took this recipe and turned it into a salad! I made the dipping sauce into a dressing and chopped up the rest of the things and put them in a jar. I haven't actually tried it yet, but I'm pretty excited. :)

                               Source: Williams Sonoma

It's a short one today (sorry) but it has been a crazy week! Be prepared for a week full of great posts! I promise! :)


  1. Just "met" you while reading your interview with the Dorothy Days blog site, which in turn is part of the Etsy Blog team! Thought I'd drop by to wish you well for your new Etsy shop - sounds terrific. It really is great to see/hear about a young person who enjoys being busy. Good luck all round.

    I'll be following you, as I already do the Dorothy Days (us UK folks like to stick together, you know!) and hope you'll find time to visit www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com sometime soon, too. All the best. Isobel


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