The 5 Types of Bloggers

I try and read a lot of blogs. And looking at my favorite blogs, I noticed that I have a fairly eclectic taste. This comes as no surprise to me, since this is true in my design aesthetic, music choices, and even the boys I had crushes on growing up. But it does seem that there are certain types of people who are more likely to have blogs than others. I came up with 5 common categories of bloggers that I seem to be drawn to. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, but I find these to be a theme.

1. Mommy Bloggers

Description: These women have often been married for years and have at least one child, if not more. They often appear to be the sweetest, yet most humble, women alive. Reading their blogs make me excited for my future family, both the highlights and flaws.

Their posts often feature: Insanely adorable photos of their children; family oriented diy projects that often make me say "why didn't I think of that?"; kid-friendly recipes that feature organic ingredients.

Examples: Little Miss MommaThe Farmer's NestTunes and SpoonsA Bit of SunshineThirty Handmade Days.

2. Women Conquerers

Description: There are a ton of awesome women in the blogosphere that don't fall into a specific "category" except that they are way cool and are going to do or are doing great things! They are highly motivated and goal-oriented women who won't let anyone get in their way.

Their posts often feature: Their ambitious business ventures; projects that encourage creativity in others;  inspiring real life stories; polished outfits that reflect their lives; weekly instagram reviews of their seemingly uneventful weeks.

Examples: Wonder ForestGentri LeeKeiko LynnLittle Chief HoneybeeA Beautiful Mess.

3. Graphic Designers and/or Photographers

Description: Fairly self-explanatory, but since they have talent in these areas, they often have the most visual pleasing blogs. They know how to take the everyday and make it lovely. I'm often extremely jealous of how much I just want to move in and make my home in their blogs.

Their posts often feature: Amazingly designed downloadable freebies; gorgeous photo sessions; step-by-step tutorials in their respective areas of expertise; giveaways that you know you have no chance of winning since they have 1.7 million followers.

Examples: 20 Going On 80IROCKSOWHATOne Love PhotoZoe Berkovic.

4. Interior Obsessors

Description: They are often actually professional interior designers, but some are just interior appreciators. They appreciate a variety of pleasing aesthetics and are very good at discovering the best of what is on the web.

Their posts often feature: Lovely home tours; rooms that make my day brighter by just looking at them; tips and tricks to get the most out of your home; inspiration boards for their own designs.

Examples: Courtney LaneA Life's DesignMiss Mustard SeedAbode Lovesfgirlbybay.

5. The Storytellers

Description: These are some of my favorite people to read. They have a penchant for turning what would normally be a boring day into an exciting story! I always find myself laughing out loud when reading their blogs. If you don't read any of these lady's blogs, do it! Now!

Their posts often feature: Stories of their children doing weird things; stories of when something slightly embarrassing happened to them; their own take on pop culture happenings.

Examples: Mrs. PrissNice Girl NotesJen But Never JennBusy Bee Lauren.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read? Whether they fall under these categories or not, I want to read them! Even if they are your own. :)


  1. I'm in love with Rockstar Diaries, the Pioneer Woman, Loulou Downtown, Elle Sees, Story of My Life...and the list goes on and on! Oh recently I've fallen in love with How Sweet Eats

  2. I've been reading Dear Friend's http://dearfriendrebekkaseale.blogspot.com.br/ because she has the most gorgeous drawings and some idilic situations. Another all time favorite is Lysa's http://lysaterkeurst.com/. She is just so funny and real, it makes me feel less bad about my screw-ups.
    My blog is probably a mix of #4, #5, some veggie cooking and a lot of ranting I guess....


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