Wedding Wednesday: Winter Park

Hey! I made it back and I'm still alive! Our car didn't even have issues (and that was a legitimate concern). We did lose a hubcap somewhere, but that is a minor problem. :) It was a busy but good weekend. I was hoping to post something yesterday, but that ended up being catch-up-on-homework day. Luckily today is quite a bit more relaxed.

Our wedding today is very different from the last few weddings I have featured. I love seeing a variety of celebrations and the atmosphere they produce! Even though this one took place in winter, it feels very springtime appropriate to me. Hopefully you will agree! I ventured outside of my normal Green Wedding Shoes and 100 Layer Cake weddings because this one is from Style Me Pretty.

Photography Source: From the Hip Photo


  1. Omg this is weddIng is fantastic. Makes me want to get married all over again with my husband :)

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