Currently Obsessing Over...

Weekend is here (in case you didn't know)! Can't say I had a whole lot of time to explore the internets this week, but I got some stuff for you anyway! So, without further ado, here are the things I am currently obsessing over!

1. This Wedding Inspiration - Uh, seriously. If I had seen this before Wedding Wednesday this week, I probably would have featured it even though its not a "real wedding." It's inspired by my favorite band, She & Him, and one of my favorite shows, Mad Men. What's not to like? I will show a few of my favorite images from it below, but click the link to see them all!

   Source: Green Wedding Shoes

2. This post on top knots - I really want to try this with my hair this week. I am officially making it one of my goals. But I have a feeling it won't work. I have a lot of hair. It's super thick, but the individual strands are all very thin and wispy. That combo makes it very hard to do anything cool with my hair. But who knows, I will try it anyway. :)

3. This article - I love reading articles that encourage you to do what you love! I often get so worried about finances and scared about if I will be successful enough or not. And while those things are good to consider, they make me lose sight of the passion and vision I have for my life. These kinds of articles "re-inspire" me, so to speak.

4. Shaytards - So I may be the last person ever to know about these guys (they have over 1 million subscribers on youtube!), but I already love them so much! Ok, so I've pretty much only watched their Disneyland videos, but I kind of just want to hang out with them all of the time. They've got me hooked, man, hooked. Below is my favorite Disneyland video of theirs. If you have half-an-hour to kill, check it out. (Also, the song at the beginning is the most legit thing I've ever heard).

5. These Pixar phone backgrounds - So simple and adorable. Yes, please. (To see them all, click the link!)

What are you currently obsessing over?


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