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Ugh. Another week of weak blogging. And the next few weeks may not be a whole lot better. We'll see. Next week is a few more projects for school, but Wednesday through Friday is pretty much free (yay!). Then the following week is conference at school, followed by graduation! What? TWO WEEKS AWAY! That's all. :) But I will try my hardest to consistently blog.

But, getting to the point, here is what I am currently obsessing over this week. It's a short one today, short and sweet. :)

1. This nursery - I haven't checked my baby blogs in quite awhile because I have actually been trying not to get baby fever again! But for some reason it kicked in for about an hour the other night, and that is when I stumbled across this adorable nursery. Seriously, check it out! Tea cup theme, very feminine, but youthful at the same time. I hate when nurseries look like a grandma should live there.

                         Source: Chic & Cheap Nursery

2. This book - Ok, so maybe I'm not totally obsessing over it yet, but I just started it today! I'm hoping that by Wednesday I will have some more time to invest into it. I think I like it so far. It got mixed reviews on Goodreads, so we will see. I will let you know how it is when I finish it. Jane Austen-based fiction is super popular and I'm hesitant to get into it, but this one looked pretty good. :)

                                        Source: Goodreads

3. Am I allowed to say Shaytards again? - I mentioned these guys in last week's post, but I am still totally digging them! I don't know what it is about their family, but I just want to watch their lives. Luckily they have control over what they put on the internet, or else I would feel a little creepy. The Truman Show, anyone? I'm not going to post a video of their's on here. But seriously go check them out. I need to be their friend.

4. This zipper pouch tutorial - I bought the stuff to make these this week. One more thing to look forward to when school is out! Hopefully I will do a post on how it goes. I've never done a zipper before! Kinda freaked out, but I'm sure I'm worried over nothing. :)

That is all for this week. Hopefully this next week will be more interesting, but I can't make any promises! But now I have a sinus headache and must go shower then curl up in bed and attempt to catch up on Smash. I'm like 5 episodes behind! Oh no!

What are you currently obsessing over this week?


Wedding Wednesday: Australian Handmade

Happy Wednesday! This week has and will continue to be pretty crazy for me. Luckily I don't have to take finals next week, but until then, I will be doing a ton of projects and papers. :( So I'm not sure how much time I will have to blog.

But, today I will still post a gorgeous wedding! This one comes from one of my favorite inspiration sites, Green Wedding Shoes. I love all of the handmade and vintage touches that are incorporated. So fun and unique!

    Photography: Dan O'Day


A Target Appreciation Post

Oh Target. How my heart beats faster every time I step through your automatic doors and get ambushed by the smell of stale popcorn from the mini-restaurant. Your dollar bins always entice me to spend money and buy things I do not need. Walking down the aisles of housewares, I uncontrollably stop every three seconds, distracted by the prettiest thing on a shelf.

Ok, my poetic words have run out. All of this to say that I love Target so much. I was there recently and spent too long drooling over pretty much everything. The only thing that keeps me accountable in there is the fact that my husband checks our bank account incessantly. Otherwise, I might go broke every time I go in there. Oy.

The only thing I bought last time I went to Target was two seasons of Gilmore Girls ($20 for both!) that I couldn't pass up. But that was not the only thing I wanted to buy. Here are a few "ooh"-worthy things that I spied recently.

          Source: Target (duh)

The Coral Stripe Solera Collection - Especially that tray! I love the gradient colors in this collection and the coral just gives it such a fun summery feel!

                               Source: Target (again)

Colorwheel Serving Tray - There is a whole collection, but the tray is really the only thing I want. (I have a thing for trays, apparently). The pattern is so fun and, again, the colors just make it so summery!

                                      Source: Target

Gold Chevron Lampshade - Okay, I didn't actually see this one in the store. I found it when looking online for the other things that I did see in the store. But come on! How awesome is the lamp shade! Now I want it too. :)

                                       Source: Target

Moroccan Poof - I have no idea what I would do with this, but I saw it on the shelf and instantly wanted it.

                                Source: Target

Mossimo Turquoise Backpack - A little change of pace from housewares, this backpack caught my eye immediately! My current backpack, that I have had since my junior year of high school (that is 6 years ago!) is finally starting to fall apart and eventually I will need a new one. However, I cannot justify spending $30 on something I don't really need right now. Oh well...

Anyway, that is all I have to share today, but only because I purposely did not go wandering around too much. Have you found anything amazing at Target recently?


Currently Obsessing Over...

Weekend is here (in case you didn't know)! Can't say I had a whole lot of time to explore the internets this week, but I got some stuff for you anyway! So, without further ado, here are the things I am currently obsessing over!

1. This Wedding Inspiration - Uh, seriously. If I had seen this before Wedding Wednesday this week, I probably would have featured it even though its not a "real wedding." It's inspired by my favorite band, She & Him, and one of my favorite shows, Mad Men. What's not to like? I will show a few of my favorite images from it below, but click the link to see them all!

   Source: Green Wedding Shoes

2. This post on top knots - I really want to try this with my hair this week. I am officially making it one of my goals. But I have a feeling it won't work. I have a lot of hair. It's super thick, but the individual strands are all very thin and wispy. That combo makes it very hard to do anything cool with my hair. But who knows, I will try it anyway. :)

3. This article - I love reading articles that encourage you to do what you love! I often get so worried about finances and scared about if I will be successful enough or not. And while those things are good to consider, they make me lose sight of the passion and vision I have for my life. These kinds of articles "re-inspire" me, so to speak.

4. Shaytards - So I may be the last person ever to know about these guys (they have over 1 million subscribers on youtube!), but I already love them so much! Ok, so I've pretty much only watched their Disneyland videos, but I kind of just want to hang out with them all of the time. They've got me hooked, man, hooked. Below is my favorite Disneyland video of theirs. If you have half-an-hour to kill, check it out. (Also, the song at the beginning is the most legit thing I've ever heard).

5. These Pixar phone backgrounds - So simple and adorable. Yes, please. (To see them all, click the link!)

What are you currently obsessing over?


Feeling Old at 22

Colton Dixon went home on American Idol last night. Oh, uh, spoiler alert! (Guess I should have said that first). It wasn't his time to go, but that is not what this post is about. He, along with his fellow Idol contestants, have become household names in America. And he is 20 years old.

Out of everyone who is left on that show, there is one person who is older than me. And I'm only 22! I am still young and have a long time to be able to accomplish what I want to in life. But recently, I've been feeling the pressure to get on it! I am surrounded by people in the media who have great success and are either my age or younger.

American Idol is not the only example of this. Hunger Games, anyone? I haven't read the book or seen the movie, yet. (Summer plans!) But out of curiosity, I looked up the ages of both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Any guesses (if you don't already know)? 21 and 19, respectively. Ugh.

I know, I know. These kind of people are rare. Most people my age are still either finishing school or working average jobs (or not working at all, but that is another issue). But I still can't help but compare myself to them. And, honestly, as long as the comparison is done in the right light, I don't think that is a bad thing! I'm ready to start working on what I want to define my life!

Over the next few months, I will be sharing a few of my specific summer goals and each of them will be a part of this grand plan for life. I'm ready for a challenge and I feel that this is the exact right time to approach that challenge! A few things that I want to focus on right now are getting everything set up for my Etsy shop to launch this summer, getting some interior decorating and event planning experience, and attempting to get some short stories published.

None of these are on the same level as American Idol contestant or Hunger Games star, but for me, it is exactly what I want to be doing!

What do you need to focus on right now to get to where you want your life to be? And what have you learned in that process?


Wedding Wednesday: SoCal Ranch

Happy Wednesday! I'm actually writing this really late at night (or early in the morning) because I can't sleep and I'm afraid that I will have zero time to do this tomorrow. Hopefully this post makes sense, so I apologize if there are some typos or weird-o words since it is basically one in the morning here.

Anyway, found this wedding over at Style Me Pretty this week and just love the vintage and whimsical touches scattered throughout. Enjoy!

                            All images taken by Color Me Rad
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