I Hope You Aren't Sick of Thailand

Because we have more! About a week ago, I posted a few pictures from my parents' (and sister's and grandparents' and others') trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Well, just a few days later, they posted some awesome pictures from such a fun thing they got to do! I wanted to post it right away, but figured leaving a little bit of time in between Thailand posts would be better.

I think they get back today? I don't know. It's kind of amazing how disconnected you become from your family's schedule when you live a state away. :) Anyway, check out this great opportunity they had to do something you pretty much can't do in the United States!

That one is my favorite! My mom said that the baby elephant's trunk even made the "kissing" sound. :)

How fun would this be? Seriously? Not only did they get to ride on the backs of elephants, they did in a Southeast Asian setting. Crazy! Of course, it's not always so pretty. My dad shared a little snippet of this story after the elephant ride:

"Just minutes before we rode the elephants, we saw two Japanese guy fall to the ground off their elephant when it became obstinate and the 'saddle' shifted. One got a nice cut on his head. We all stayed on our beasts until the scheduled dismount, thankfully."

Even with that "risk," I would still totally do this in a heartbeat! What is the craziest thing you have done when traveling?


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