Announcement Time!

I was going to wait to announce this until I was ready to launch my Etsy shop, but I have decided that I want to share this process with all of you! Many changes are going to be coming to this blog soon, and I though I'd let you all get in on the ground floor, so to speak. :)

I am excited to announce my vision for my small business, Uncommonplace! I've been working on this vision and have started the planning process already.

The first phase of my business is more familiar to most of you. From now until mid-May to early June, I will be more intentional about this blog. Mostly more original content in general. Wedding Wednesday will stick around, as will Currently Obsessing Over (for now). Then, when I get my act together, in May or June, will be the official launch of my Etsy shop! I will be selling classic, handmade home and wedding accessories. I've already started on a few of these projects and am so excited about this!

The second phase of Uncommonplace will be officially launched in a year to year-and-a-half, depending on funding. However, I will start prepping for this phase immediately. I will be offering my services as an interior decorator and event planner! I have courses lined up so that I can be certified in both of these areas. That is what will take the most time before I can officially launch this phase. I am planning on using this time to build my portfolio. So I will be offering these services for free! If you have a room that needs a new look or an event that needs a handmade touch and you are in the Boise area, let me know!

This plan has already started to go into action, starting with the launch of the new Facebook Page and a new Twitter account. If you are on these social media sites regularly, I would appreciate it so much if you would "like" or "follow" Uncommonplace. :)

Within the next few days, there will also be some new tabs at the top that will be focused more on the business aspect of this blog. But don't worry, my goal through this blog will still be to share life and inspiration, not just to further my business!

I am ridiculously excited about this new phase in my life and love having a way to share it with others! If you have any encouraging words or advice, please don't hesitate to let me know! And keep coming back to see the big changes that will be coming soon!


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