This topic has been on my mind a lot recently. My husband just finished taking a weekend seminar about church planting. Before going to the classes, the group putting it on had all of the students fill out a spiritual gifts survey of sorts. One of his highest gifts was hospitality. Out of 20 points possible, he got 16. 

This is not at all surprising to me. Justin absolutely loves to have people over. Multiple times a week he will have friends over for a few hours to play video games and look at the most recent gear for his guns (ugh). More than that, he has gone above and beyond in his internships and relationships with the youth at the church we have served at. In both churches, he has singled out a few guys that he really relates to and has put a lot of time into developing relationships with them. He will have them over to watch movies, play video games, and just hang out. This quality in him is one thing that I really admire and assures me that he is going to be an awesome youth pastor. 

After discussing the results of his spiritual gifts survey with one of the men putting on the seminar, Justin decided he needed me to take the test. So I did. My top gift was creativity (surprise!). But my second was also hospitality. This was also not a surprise to me. Justin and I love throwing get togethers for people. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough time for us to do as much as we want. :( Some of my favorite discussions I have with Justin is when we talk about various youth parties and events that we want to host at our future home.

Anyway, all of this to say that, after talking about this aspect of my life recently, I have come to realize that hospitality is so much more of a personality trait and an attitude than a skill. In a bookstore, there is often a shelf or two dedicated to the category "hospitality." While you can learn how to set a table, make appetizers, and when to serve cocktails, you cannot learn how to treat people. 

Everyone may not be gifted with the "hospitality" gift. I grew up in a house that, while we did have people over once in awhile, we mainly kept to ourselves when we were inside the house. I really appreciate the family time that we were able to have because of this, but sometimes I wish we would have been the family that hosts things rather than the family that goes to things. I'm hoping that Justin's and my own future family is that family and I'm so excited about the possibilities that will be presented to us because of that! :)

How do you feel about hospitality? Do you like entertaining, or would you rather just go to things that others host?

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