DIY: What Not To Wear (Pt. 1)

Whenever I go home (as in to my parent's house), I watch What Not To Wear. We don't have cable in our apartment, so this is a special treat for me. I love seeing the transformation people go through with just some decent fitting clothes, a little makeup, and a new hair style. My sister and I have actually (jokingly) thrown around the idea of pretending to dress terrible for a few weeks and have someone from our family nominate us just so we can go on a $5000 shopping spree in NYC. :)

Anyway, recently, it has been a little frustrating to get dressed in the morning. I have gained a little bit of weight recently, so some things don't fit quite right. Also, I have a tendency to hold onto things that I don't really wear just because they were a gift or because they are good quality. But all of these things are just taking up space in my closet. So I decided to do a little wardrobe purge.

Last night, I put on an episode of Smash (have you seen it yet? It's great!) and started going through all of my clothes. I came up with a pretty big pile of stuff I really don't wear and am just keeping out of obligation.

Lots of jackets that are either too big, too small, or too juvenile. 
A few pairs of sweatpants that make me look even heavier than I am.
Some shirts that are too tight.
And a couple pairs of shoes that I haven't worn in at least a year.

I also ended up throwing away some jeans and shirts that just weren't salvageable. Anyway, there are a few pieces that are worth some money, so I may try to sell those for a few dollars. But most of this will go to a second-hand store. 

My goal throughout this process is to simplify my wardrobe and find ways to wear pieces I love but often pass over. Things like this Forever21 sweater dress that I bought forever ago but haven't fixed the pockets on:

Or this shawl that I got over a year ago but have only worn twice:

And I need to learn to iron so that I can wear one of my favorite blouses more often:

Can't you see the potential? Look at these cute little buttons and ruffles!

Anyway, the most exciting thing to come out of this whole thing is a shopping trip with my husband. :) I'm going to have him go through all of his clothes too and get rid of things that have holes or that are too big for him. Then, next Saturday, we are making a day of it and going to the mall, eating at Red Robin, and hitting Target too (yay Target!). I'm hoping to add some more dresses (specifically summer ones) and just some more "grown-up" tops in general. I will report back after the shopping trip with pictures of my great finds. :)

Have you ever done a wardrobe overhaul? What kind of clothing pieces do you find to be the most versatile or useful? 


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