The Best Little Sister

So I have a secret that can no longer be kept.......

I have the most amazing little sister in the whole world! I may be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure it's the truth. If you don't know me in real life, then you probably haven't met her. And if you do know me in real life, there is still a chance you haven't met her. :) So, here is your official introduction: Blog, meet Emily!

Not only is she super sweet and super funny, she has excellent taste in most things (especially the tastes that are similar to mine, of which there are quite a few). She is one of my best friends even though she is 4 years younger than me. She constantly amazes me with her maturity, both spiritually and emotionally. I just love her to death and never get tired of spending time with her!

But here is my absolute favorite thing about her: she has an incredible heart for the broken of our world. This last summer she went to Honduras on a mission trip and experienced how blessed we really are to live in this country. For the last two summers she has volunteered her time at Camp Attitude, a camp dedicated to serving children and families with disabilities. In general, she just loves to love and I love her for that.

She has an awesome blog that you should visit. Do it. Right now. It's fun and eclectic, but mostly just shows her love for people. Here are my favorite posts of hers:

Widows In Their Distress


In the past, I have considered doing a blog where I focus on the needs of the world and our country and how Jesus' love shown through His followers can change it all. But Emily does it so much better. Through her writing and convictions, I see her passion for the Lord and I am so incredibly excited to see what she does with her life!


  1. Hi little sister! :) going to go check out her blog.

  2. Oh, Tali! You are the best sister ever. Really. And you're giving me way too much credit :) Thank you soooooo much!


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