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It's 11:00 pm here and I really need to go to bed. Because I also have to start a book for another class when I go to bed. Ugh. Anyway, sorry I have been lacking on the posts for the last few days. This semester is already in full gear and I can't get away!

Justin and I have pretty much completely opposite schedules this semester, which is super lame if you ask me. Really the only time we have together is after 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening. We usually spend it watching How I Met Your Mother and doing homework. We are awesome. But it has been a little lonely, especially since I am the one who has all of the early morning classes and he gets to sleep in. Jealousy.

That journalism class is already proving to be the challenge I was anticipating. But I am so incredibly excited to work on my writing! Not sure I will be posting the editorial on here like I originally thought. Think I'm gonna wait until I have a few more assignments under my belt and get a handle on this brevity thing. :) The next assignment is a column though, and that seems a lot like a blog. So maybe that will be more up my alley? We'll see.

The book that I am going to start reading tonight is a parenting book for my Christian Family class. And honestly I am extremely excited about it. I have tried getting some of my "boring" homework out of the way first so I can enjoy this book. As you may know, I have recently had a bout of baby fever and I'm afraid this book will only encourage it. So in celebration (and preparation for tonight's reading), here are a few of my recent favorite things for kids:

These might be the best things ever. (via here)

Love unique playhouses! (via here)

Kidlings + Audrey Hepburn = perfection! (via here)

I kind of want these on my bedroom wall now.... (via here)

What has been on your mind lately?


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