Sherlock Holmes - A Review

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Over Christmas break, the husband and I bought some cheap movies at Walmart. It was great. And when we got home, we saw these awesome little coupons on the front for $7.50 off of a Warner Brothers movie ticket. So, last Thursday, we brought our coupons with us and saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows for a total of $5. Win.

We weren't the hugest fans of the first movie, but for me that was mainly because of the dark content within the story. I figured since this one would be a different story line, maybe I would like it better. But I still just feel "meh" about it all.

To me, it felt like a glorified action movie with a little bit of mystery thrown in. In fact, there really wasn't much mystery at all. In the end there were a few surprises, but they weren't an answer to a suspenseful story line. They were just proof of Sherlock's observation skills. We knew who the bad guys were from the beginning, we knew why they were bad, and we knew what they were doing. Maybe I missed something, but I don't think so.

I've also always had problems with their interpretation of Sherlock. I'm no expert, but I have read a few of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, and I just don't see Sherlock Holmes as a drug-rattled crazy man who happens to be good at observing. While he does seems eccentric in the books, I feel that the interpretation portrayed in the movies is almost too modern for the stories. But, like I said, I'm no expert and there may be reasons they chose to portray him like that. 

Overall, I'm not disappointed that we saw it, but I might have been if we had paid $20 to see it instead of $5. If you liked the first movie, you will probably like the second. But if you weren't a fan of the first, this one probably won't redeem it.  

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