Proof That I Have Good Taste

Recently I have been daydreaming about how to decorate the next place that Justin and I live. We are hoping to upgrade to renting a small house wherever we live next, and ideally, it would be a three bedroom, two bath house. So I've been mentally decorating it like that and even started a Pinterest board to document my ideas.

Since I already have a shower curtain I love in the bathroom we have now, when I ran across this shower curtain at Urban Outfitters, I knew I had to put it in the imaginary second bathroom.

Later that day, I was browsing through the archives of A Beautiful Mess to get some more inspiration. I knew that she had recently done a series of tours of rooms in her house, but I hadn't really looked at them yet. So imagine my surprise, when looking at the photos of her bathroom, I came across this picture:

So now, if I get that second bathroom in our next place, Elsie Larsen and I will have something in common. :) Granted, my plan was (and still is) to pair this curtain with these gorgeous towels from Anthropologie:

Have you ever found items that you own (or want to own) on a popular blog or website before? It's kind of validating, isn't it? 


  1. OMG! I love the curtain!!!


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