January Awkwardness - A Playlist

Welp (what does that mean anyway?), vacation is over. We flew back to Boise yesterday and I even had to go to work today. Bleh. But, it does mean that there is only one more semester until I graduate. I am less than 5 months away from a Bachelor's Degree. Score.

I usually try to get my monthly playlist up as early in the month as possible, but with traveling (travelling?) and such, this one took a backseat. Also, January is kind of a weird month to put a soundtrack to. I wanted it to be hopeful since it is the month of resolutions, but January is a dreary month. Honestly, once Christmas is over, I have no use for winter. I'm ready for spring (or even skipping directly to summer). But here is my best (awkward) attempt at capturing January in song.

January by Natalia Werber on Grooveshark

What songs would you add?


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