Barbie's Senior Portraits

Hey there! Blogging has been a bit sporadic as of late due to scheduling issues and this little thing called life. Also I have not been very productive recently. I was going to try and get the first "assignment" done in the Home Ec Project done this weekend. But we decided to go my in-law's house and had a great time! So no regrets.

I'm so excited to share these photos with you today! They are not mine, but this is easily something I could see myself doing. :) When I was little, probably from about age 7 to 10 or 11, I was obsessed with Barbies. We had a whole green tub filled with just Barbies and their clothes and another one filled with furniture and other accessories. But my absolute favorite thing to do with them is get out most of my Barbies and create extended families with them. I would have the grandma and sometimes grandpa (although I didn't have an "old person" Ken so grandma was usually a cougar), brothers and sisters and their kids. Then, I would line them all up in a portrait-style manner on my desk in front of the window and take their pictures. If you go through the pictures I took with my little film camera at the time, probably about a fourth of them are Barbie family portraits. I was legit.

So when I ran across these photos on Pinterest (where else?), I was immediately brought back to my own Barbie photographer days. These are, of course, much better quality and much more clever. But, if I had known there was such a thing as "senior portraits" when I was 10, my mind might have exploded with possibilities. :) Anyway, enjoy these adorable photos! (Also, when did Barbie get such cool clothes? I would totally wear that first outfit. Just saying.)


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