I'm Avoiding Homework Right Now....

And I shouldn't be. I have a major paper and two test due on Friday. Luckily, I'm this close to being done with the paper and one of the tests will be a piece of cake. However, I also have a book report due next Friday and I'm about....8 pages into the book itself. I seriously can't wait for May. I know I have talked about going to graduate school, but somedays I just think I want to be done. We'll see. Bleh senioritis.

Anyway, the main reason I'm avoiding homework right now is that, earlier today, I stumbled across a wonderful website! Why is it that I find the most interesting things when I have a million things I should be doing? Anyway, I do not have photoshop on my computer (not that I would know how to use it anyway), so putting pictures together in an appealing manner has been challenging for me. See Saturday Lovelies as an example. :/

So when I came across Olioboard, I was very excited! While it is mainly for designing rooms, I'm pretty sure it can be used to do a whole host of things. I love putting images together to create one cohesive idea, so this is right up my alley! Seems like most people use it to create virtual rooms of a house. Here are a couple of examples:

(via here)

(via here)

I have a tendency to like something more akin to mood boards, though. They give you an idea of the feel, color, and atmosphere of the room without necessarily showing you exactly what it would look like:

(via here)

(via here)

Anyway, all of this to mainly say that there will be more things like this in the future. :) Also, if you create mood/idea boards or use olioboard, let me know! I would love to see some of your creations!


The Muppets: Good Family Fun :)

Justin and I almost never go to movies. The closest theatre (and yes, I spell it like that) to us is the second-run theatre, so when we do see movies, it is usually there. However, last Christmas we received movie passes as a gift from some friends and we finally decided to use them this weekend. Yes, we have not gone to a first-run movie together in almost a year. This is my life.

I love most things Disney, and the Muppets are no exception. So when I found out a new movie was on its way, I made plans to convince Justin to take me to see it. Even though he doesn't "get" the Muppet humor like I do, he was still a sweetheart and took me. :) And I am glad that he did.

The movie was just a bundle of fun from start to finish. Not only did they revive some of their best known songs (we get a taste of the Muppet Show theme song, a performance of Rainbow Connection, and a fun version of Menomena during the credits), they had some great new original numbers! Here is a taste of my favorite song/dance piece:

So if you are sitting around this week, wondering if anything good is playing, take my advice and go see The Muppets! Enough jokes that go over little ones' heads for adults to enjoy it, enough innocence to be appealing for kids, and enough nostalgia to become a new family favorite!

Post-Thanksgiving Shoot Out

What is more American than sitting around eating turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes all day? Shooting stuff, of course! Within the last few months, my husband has developed quite an interest in firearms. While I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to weapons in general, his constant talk of gun statistics and forcing me to watch Top Shot convinced me to try some basic shooting again. The first time we went shooting, not only was I trying something completely new, but I was also meeting a completely new group of people. As a natural introvert, the combination of those two things overwhelmed me to where I didn't enjoy the shooting experience as much as I could have.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving break, Justin began talking about going shooting with his dad and brother again. I knew the weather was supposed to be rainy, so I told him that if he went on Friday, I would go with him. (Un)fortunately, it was only windy on Friday. So, true to my word, I borrowed some tennis shoes from my mother-in-law (I had only packed flats) and all of us (my husband, his brother, his dad, his mom, and myself) drove up to the shooting range in Emmett.

We mainly just shot a few metal targets with some .22 pistols and rifles, but the experience was much more enjoyable with the relaxed environment of people I already knew. So, for some real American spirit, here are a few of the pictures from that morning, mainly just proof that I actually shot a gun (and I wasn't that bad of a shot!).

How did you spend Black Friday? Did you brave the crowds for some good deals? Or did you spend more quality time with family?


Christmas Prep Diet

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the guilt of eating three pieces of pie in one sitting is setting in. And the holiday season is far from over. Within the last few months I have steadily gained some weight. Nothing significant, but there are a few pairs of pants that may not quite button comfortably anymore.

So, due to these two facts, I have decided to go on a diet during the time of the year most filled with diet-killers. We'll see how it succeeds. But I figure if I posted it on here, I would be more inclined to follow it. It is loosely based on one found on pinterest, but I modified it to my own needs.

I made this print out to hang on the refrigerator so I have no excuse not to remember:

I have already chopped up romaine lettuce and put it in jars, starting to eat salads with my meals. I have also discovered that, even though it is cheaper to buy yogurt in a large container, I'm much more likely to eat it if it is the individual cups.

That is about all I have so far, but I'm pretty excited about it. I know I will have a difficult time resisting the treats of the holidays, but I am ending it before Christmas, so I won't miss out on all of it. :) My motivation is that through this diet, I will no longer be "dieting" but will just have better eating habits. Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! Spend time with family, eat good food, and thank God for all of the wonderful things you have in your life!


Who Lives Here? Hip New Yorker

(To understand this post more, read this one)

Here's my theory:

A young husband and wife, probably in their early 30s, both in the journalism field. He does the meat and potatoes journalism, where he complains about the government and wall street while using words the average man does not understand. She does a syndicated column where she discusses unique parenting techniques and shares organic recipes. They have two kids, probably named something like Echo and Kiernan. They also have an obnoxious cat named Punjab, and ironic way to prove they are cultured without looking too uppity.

Any ideas?


Woodland Baby Shower

Everyone is having babies! And no one is asking me to throw them a shower. :( I have never gotten to throw a hardcore party for anyone and I feel like I might be amazing at it! But, I digress.

I've decided that whenever Justin and I decide to have kids, I have to make sure that I am good friends with very creative people so they will throw me awesome showers like this one. I love looking at anything related to infants even though they are not in my immediate future. So when I ran across this shower at On To Baby, I knew I had to share it!


Natural Angry Birds

Well hey! Guess what? For the last two weeks, my life has been completely consumed with homework and work! That is why it has been a little barren around here. Luckily, my extreme major papers for the semester are mostly done! Only a few more major assignments until Christmas break! And then, one semester until graduation. Holy. Cow.

Anyway, I cleaned our apartment today and went to a friend's birthday party. However, I have a few minutes before bed and thought I would quickly share something I found recently. So, please enjoy these "natural" angry birds. :)


Saturday Lovelies

Welcome Saturday! I have missed you all week!

Today (and hopefully every Saturday) I will be sharing a few of my favorite things from the past week.
Unfortunately, on today's to-do list is cleaning the kitchen, making baked potato soup, getting started on Christmas gifts (it is coming sooner than you think!), and a few hours in the school library tonight to catch up on homework. So far, I have spent the afternoon working on a project that I hope to share on here soon and watching Mansfield Park. Not the most productive. Oh well.

#1 - Lady Of The Manor Wallpaper from Anthropolgie. Give me anything slightly regency-themed and I'll drool. How fun would this be on an accent wall of a dining room, or even a nursery?

#2 - Felt flowers (picture found here). I just can't get enough of these and have a feeling I will be making many of these in the foreseeable future.

#3 - This print from This Paper Ship. Really, all of the prints from this shop are adorable! I just love these illustrations!

#4 - My new iPhone case. It arrived in the mail a few days ago and I love it! The color is gorgeous and I finally feel like it's mine!

What sort of things are you loving this weekend?


I don't have time to blog today.

Seriously though. I am taking my 20 minute break between the end of class and when I have to leave for work to even post this! I will work from 2:30 to 8:00 and then I have some major homework tonight. Bleh. Can't say I'm a fan when my life is taken over by things that are basically an obligation. Anyway, for your enjoyment, here is a fun idea that I ran across recently.

Moneyface Photos! How fun. :)

(all pictures via PetaPixel)

I may have to try this sometime. The results are hilarious! If mine look half as good as these, expect to see my moneyface on this blog soon! If you try this, let me know so I can see what yours looks like!
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