It's In The Bag...

Roo over at {NiceGirlNotes} writes a hilarious blog about life and other miscellanea. If you haven't read it, I would advise getting over there and doing so. Today she posted a "What's In Your Bag" post and challenged her readers to do the same. Since this is a newer blog and I wanted it to be warmer-ish than my last one, I decided that if nothing else it might be a fun way to meet some new people! So here it goes!

I apologize for the lack of quality pictures. It's late so no natural light was available. Plus, my husband and I have decided to spend our hard earned cash on an Xbox and iPhones instead of a higher quality camera. So these were taken with a camera that is over 4 years old. When I realized how blurry they were, I had already put all of my items back in my bag and was feeling way too lazy to take them back out and arrange them so neatly. So just go with it and pretend they are vintage-y and retro, ok? That's hip now, right? With Instagram and Hipstamatic and such?

On with the show. The first of two pictures (yes only two, again with the laziness) is of my bag. Nothing impressive. But I actually purchased this myself in Peru. That has to count for something!

When I wear it, I do feel a little cultured. Plus, it has an alpaca (or llama, whatever) on it.

Picture number two includes all the things that were currently in my purse when I read the original post. Well, all except the loose change and gum wrappers that always manage to gather at the bottom.

Here is the list of everything in the picture. I didn't bother to number anything or put them in any sort of order, so if you can match everything in the picture to something on the list, maybe you'll win a prize! Or maybe you'll just win the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something. (Hint: it's the latter).

1. The Unofficial Guide To Disneyland - Doesn't everyone carry one of those in their bags?
2. Keys and miscellaneous keychains - These include cheap plastic ones from many family vacations!
3. Eucerin - I just learned about this miracle hand cream this weekend! Relief from hand eczema is
    finally here!
4. Wallet - I try not to leave home without it. :)
5. Various punch cards from businesses I frequent - If you look closely, you can see we eat at Jimmy
    John's too much.
6. A Moleskine notebook - Where I jot down blogging and crafting ideas.
7. Coupons that I fully intend to use - but probably won't.
8. A check book - For the rare times I actually have to write a check.
9. A coin purse - Where I keep the extra change that my developmental therapy client amasses during
    our time together.
10. Business cards that I have picked up here and there.
11. A few things of chap stick - Pretty much the only thing I actually wear on my lips.
12. A free movie ticket that I have had since last Christmas - Obviously I get out a lot.
13. A die - This comes in handy more times than you would think.
14. A pen - Necessity.
15. My iPhone - It has gone case-less since I got it but will finally be getting a cover in a few days!
16. Tissues - It is cold season. (Pt. 1)
17. A pack of sinus pills - It is cold season. (Pt. 2)

So that is what I haul around with me on a day-to-day basis. Well, the Disneyland Guidebook is not normally in there, but I wasn't sure how much down time I was going to have at work today....

Anyway, if you have a blog and want to play along with Roo's challenge, check out the button below!

Happy Halloween!

Here are the two best parts about Halloween:
1. The day after candy sale! (My husband and I already have plans to go get something good!)
2. The fact that after Halloween, we get into the real holiday season: Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming! I'm getting anxious to bust out my Christmas tunes!

How are you celebrating this year?


Who Lives Here? Vermont Cottage

I love unique homes. Most of the time, I can't visualize myself living there. But I love to look nonetheless and imagine what sort of people do call this "home."

Here, I see a couple of middle-aged empty-nesters. Together, they run a small art studio downtown. Through their art, they promote self-sustaining, eco-friendly living. They feel that their age gives them the experience and maturity to trump even the freshest of ideas from the creative youth of today. They love to entertain and invite their sophisticated and well-connected friends over for drinks on their patio. When their children get married and have kids, they will be excited and supportive, but will secretly think that their offspring could have done so much more with their lives. They also have a dog small enough that, if stepped on, might die.

Who do you think lives here?



This is probably far from the best picture of us. But I think it works. We're on a plane, which is often a good place to be (it means you are either going on an adventure or getting home from one!). Also we are a little crazy. But in a good way, not in a reality show way. Really, that is all you need to know about me, but just for kicks, here are a few more things:

Name(s): Natalia and Justin (he is not involved with this blog, but he will show up in enough posts that I
               figure you should know who he is.)

Married: June 26, 2010

Location: Boise, Idaho

What I Wish I Could Do With My Time: Sew, Embroider, Write, Bake, Decorate, Organize, Exercise,

What I Actually Do With My Time: Full time student at Boise Bible College (graduating in May 2012!) 
               and doing Developmental Therapy.

Favorite Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Despicable Me, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Proposal, 
               Dead Poets Society.

Favorite TV Shows: Parenthood, Psych, Monk, Bones, Ugly Betty, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Raising Hope, 
               30 Rock, most talent competition shows. 

Favorite Music: She & Him, JJ Heller, Ingrid Michaelson, Needtobreathe, Joshua Radin, Adele, Anna 
              Gilbert, Gungor, Michael Buble.

Favorite Fiction: Jane Austen books, Standing In The Rainbow, The Help, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Goals for Life: Be a mom, teach high school literature, start a business selling handmade goods, go to 
              Disneyland enough to warrant purchasing an annual pass, publish a novel.

Those are the basics! In this blog, you will find a huge variety of things pertaining to all my interests. DIY projects, products I love, decorating on a budget, recipes, life stories, monthly music playlists, and anything else that is beautiful in life! Stick around. I promise you won't be sorry. :)

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