#WEverb11 - Listen (Day Two)

(For more information on these posts, see this post.)

Day Two:

What song did you listen to in 2011 to completely change your mood? Think about ways you can add more music to your life in 2012.

To figure out the answer to the first question, I turned to iTunes. I had a guess what my most played song was on there, and I was right. This song was definitely the one I turned to on a regular basis to calm me down and get me focused:

Don't Say Goodnight
by Anna Gilbert

I ran across Anna's music on Noisetrade about a year ago and fell in love with it immediately! Her voice is gorgeous, her lyrics are insightful, and her arrangements are so peaceful. Don't Say Goodnight became an immediate favorite of mine. The simple love story portrayed in the song is so innocent and authentic that you feel everything she is. The piano mixed with the strings provides just the right amount of romance.

As seen in my first post, 2011 has been a stressful year for me. But the calming nature of this song puts me right where I need to be and I just can't seem to stop listening! 

As for a way I can add more music to my life in 2012, I'm not sure I can! I already listen to music when I study, when I'm driving, when I'm writing, and often when I'm cleaning or cooking. I love discovering new music and revisiting old favorites and do both constantly. What I really want to do this next year, though, is support local and under the radar artists. I would love to promote them any way I can in hopes of more great music inspiring its listeners.


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