Saturday Stand-Outs

I really want to do a weekly Saturday post, some sort of round-up thing so I can take the focus off of me and let others shine. But I think I was heading in the wrong direction with my last attempt. So, here is my revised attempt. Links, products, and various goodness from around the web.

1. Apple Jane has posted a simple and classic desktop background for the month of December. It's on my computer right now and it's lovely. :)

2. Just yesterday I wrote about the power of a song. And here, the writers on SNL have taken that concept to a ridiculous level. Hilarity will ensue. Also I wish I looked like Emma Stone.

3. Poppytalk posted some great holiday printables and diy projects. There are some awesome resources there that I plan on using this year!

4. Not Martha posted boiled omelets and now I don't think I can go another day without trying them. Lunch maybe?

5. This post from Jon Acuff really resonated with me. I ask myself the same question all the time, and the answer is usually disappointing.

6. This stamp is so amazing. I'm pretty sure everything I ever gave to anyone would have this imprinted on it if I bought this.


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