Justin and I celebrated the first "Christmas celebration" of the year yesterday with his parents and grandparents. We got the traditional Danish butter cookies (which are impossible to duplicate at home!), travel mugs, t-shirts, money, and other clothes. But my favorite thing we received was our very own Julenisse.

My father-in-law's heritage is Danish and they have held on to a few traditions from that part of the world. Having a Julenisse is one of those. Julenisse are elves that sit on a shelf and watch over the presents under the tree. Justin's grandmother keeps hers up all year and it supposedly protects their house. I wouldn't be surprised if Elf On The Shelf is derived from this tradition.

Ours is adorable and pretty much looks like a mini-Santa. He was my husband's great-grandmother's originally and is actually from Denmark! I love having a tradition from my husband's side of the family that will continue on in our own family. So fun!

Cute, right? Now I just need a good name for him. Any suggestions?


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