Best New Year's Eve Games

My husband and I are quite the board game connoisseurs. Even before we were married we owned a few board games together and loved to play them with others. We had a few classics on our registry and have since continued to fill in the gaps in our collection. One of our favorite things about holidays and other social gatherings is that we have an excuse to play our games. :)

New Year's Eve is one of the best times to break out the games, even if it is just your family or a few friends. Here, in no particular order, are some of my personal favorite games for New Year's Eve:

Quelf is the most recent addition to our board game collection. We picked it up at Walmart a few days ago for about $20 (much cheaper than Amazon has it listed for). Be warned: this game is ridiculous. Justin and I played it last night with my mom and the exchange student staying with my parents and I spent most of the game with the box under my shirt and a straw in my mouth. But if randomness is your thing, than definitely give this game a try!

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This Barnes and Noble game is as crazy as it looks. Containing over 100 dice, the various cards have everything from general trivia, to spelling challenges, to physical challenges. You may have to do push ups, name current seated government officials, or answering what the first music video on MTV was. There is something for everyone in this game, so don't pass it up!

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If you have never played Balderdash, you are missing out. This is definitely a game to stretch your creativity. Full of words that most people do not know, each player must make up a definition for the word in play. The goal is to write a definition that sounds realistic and to get people to vote for it. If someone votes for it, then you get points. Not everyone loves these kinds of games, but I am definitely a fan. :) Justin and I prefer the older version that we got at a garage sale to the new version that has added rules. 

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I am terrible at this game, yet I still love it. I think that is a testament to the excitement of this game. The concept is simple: using pre-selected categories, write words that fit into those categories that all start with the same letter. There is a time limit, which adds to the intensity. While the game may sound easy, the pressure to come up with creative answers that no one else will have within the time limit makes thinking straight very difficult. It is really fun to see what other people come up with, and it provides the challenge of completing the task, so there are aspects of the game that most people will like. 

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This is what I usually think of when I hear the words "Party Game." Mad Gab is a very popular game, but its for a reason. Best played with at least two teams of 4, this game is hard to play without almost peeing your pants. The best part is listening to the other team trying to figure out the phrase while your team can clearly hear it! Warning though: this game may frustrate some people. It seems there are some who have a very difficult time playing this game, so if it is causing problems, just choose another! 

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Honorable mention goes to both Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. Both are extremely well done games and are very easy to pull out for larger groups of people. However, due to their popularity, I (and other people I know) have tired of them. Each one is fun when played occasionally, but these seem to be games that people want to play over and over again. I'm sorry if you are one of those people, but some of us need a break. :)

What are your favorite games? I would love to find some new ones that I haven't heard of!


  1. Ooh, Scattegories and Mad Gab are two of my favorites, I never heard of the others but they sound like fun. We added two games to our (family) collection this year: Likewise and The Game of Things. Both are super fun and we will be playing both on New Year's Eve, along with the classics we play every year like Catch Phrase and Remote Possibilities.

  2. The Game of Things is great! And I saw Likewise at the store the other day and it looked pretty good! I've never heard of Remote Possibilities though.

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