Saturday Lovelies

Welcome Saturday! I have missed you all week!

Today (and hopefully every Saturday) I will be sharing a few of my favorite things from the past week.
Unfortunately, on today's to-do list is cleaning the kitchen, making baked potato soup, getting started on Christmas gifts (it is coming sooner than you think!), and a few hours in the school library tonight to catch up on homework. So far, I have spent the afternoon working on a project that I hope to share on here soon and watching Mansfield Park. Not the most productive. Oh well.

#1 - Lady Of The Manor Wallpaper from Anthropolgie. Give me anything slightly regency-themed and I'll drool. How fun would this be on an accent wall of a dining room, or even a nursery?

#2 - Felt flowers (picture found here). I just can't get enough of these and have a feeling I will be making many of these in the foreseeable future.

#3 - This print from This Paper Ship. Really, all of the prints from this shop are adorable! I just love these illustrations!

#4 - My new iPhone case. It arrived in the mail a few days ago and I love it! The color is gorgeous and I finally feel like it's mine!

What sort of things are you loving this weekend?

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