The Muppets: Good Family Fun :)

Justin and I almost never go to movies. The closest theatre (and yes, I spell it like that) to us is the second-run theatre, so when we do see movies, it is usually there. However, last Christmas we received movie passes as a gift from some friends and we finally decided to use them this weekend. Yes, we have not gone to a first-run movie together in almost a year. This is my life.

I love most things Disney, and the Muppets are no exception. So when I found out a new movie was on its way, I made plans to convince Justin to take me to see it. Even though he doesn't "get" the Muppet humor like I do, he was still a sweetheart and took me. :) And I am glad that he did.

The movie was just a bundle of fun from start to finish. Not only did they revive some of their best known songs (we get a taste of the Muppet Show theme song, a performance of Rainbow Connection, and a fun version of Menomena during the credits), they had some great new original numbers! Here is a taste of my favorite song/dance piece:

So if you are sitting around this week, wondering if anything good is playing, take my advice and go see The Muppets! Enough jokes that go over little ones' heads for adults to enjoy it, enough innocence to be appealing for kids, and enough nostalgia to become a new family favorite!


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