Christmas Prep Diet

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the guilt of eating three pieces of pie in one sitting is setting in. And the holiday season is far from over. Within the last few months I have steadily gained some weight. Nothing significant, but there are a few pairs of pants that may not quite button comfortably anymore.

So, due to these two facts, I have decided to go on a diet during the time of the year most filled with diet-killers. We'll see how it succeeds. But I figure if I posted it on here, I would be more inclined to follow it. It is loosely based on one found on pinterest, but I modified it to my own needs.

I made this print out to hang on the refrigerator so I have no excuse not to remember:

I have already chopped up romaine lettuce and put it in jars, starting to eat salads with my meals. I have also discovered that, even though it is cheaper to buy yogurt in a large container, I'm much more likely to eat it if it is the individual cups.

That is about all I have so far, but I'm pretty excited about it. I know I will have a difficult time resisting the treats of the holidays, but I am ending it before Christmas, so I won't miss out on all of it. :) My motivation is that through this diet, I will no longer be "dieting" but will just have better eating habits. Wish me luck!


  1. You should check out this website! I heard them talking about it on k-love today and it's pretty cool and has lots of good nutrition advice. And you can see how many calories are in different foods at specific restaurants. http://eatthis.womenshealthmag.com/home


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